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An update on how life insurance underwriting is using Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Ken Leibow, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at InsurTech Express, recently published an update on EHR in Broker World.

You would be amazed at the technological advancements being made to accelerate and simplify life insurance underwriting. I have been at this for over three decades, and I can tell you, it is mind-boggling ?.

The thrust of the changes seem to be in replacing the use of Attending Physician Statements (APS.) Will this really happen? Would that be better for the applicant?

I personally feel that your doctor’s assessment of your health could and should have a lot of influence in your overall health assessment by an underwriter

Then again, given the unfortunately mediocre quality of health care these days, that may not be to the consumer’s advantage. The doctor-patient relationship just is not there, for many people.

Let’s ee how this pans out.

From Ken:

There is a surge of services, innovative solutions, streamlined processes and automated underwriting for life insurance utilizing Electronic Health Records (EHR). I get it that the availability of electronic medical data still has a mountain to climb to completely replace Attending Physician Statements (APSs), however what you will find is that solution providers are creating intelligent processes to support both. By the end of this article, you will be convinced of the surge of EHR.


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