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Answering to a Higher Authority

This is a solid analysis of how “liberalism” has attempted to replace the covenant we have with God, with a “social contract.” The problem, of course, is that the covenant with God is for our benefit, while the social contract benefits only the authorities.

The solution, of course, is to strengthen the institutions that respect the Higher Authority – family, faith community, faith school – so the liberal institutions can be reigned in.


“How, then, to keep civil society from making us ungood? Enter the social contract, liberalism’s mighty engine. Willingly sign away a host of your innate rights, and in return the authorities—the king, the president, a majority of your peers, whatever—will protect you and safeguard all of your other rights.

“So what’s wrong with America these days? It’s liberalism, stupid. And how do we fix it? By doing exactly what Uncle Sam recommended we do in that 1975 hot dog commercial: Answer to a higher authority.”


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