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Are Artificial Womb Facilities With Gene-Edited Babies on the Horizon?

“Our goal is to provide you with an intelligent offspring that truly reflects your smart choices.
EctoLife allows your baby to develop in an infection-free environment. The pods are made of materials that prevent germs from sticking to their surfaces. Every growth pod features sensors that can monitor your baby’s vital signs, including heartbeat, temperature, blood pressure, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation. The artificial intelligence-based system also monitors the physical features of your baby and reports any genetic abnormalities.
And if you want your baby to stand out and have a brighter future, our elite package offers you the opportunity to genetically engineer the embryo before implanting it into the artificial womb.” 

Indeed, thanks to the CRISPR Cas-9 gene editing tool (which is firmly planted in future mRNA-based therapies), prospective parents would be able to edit any trait of their baby through a wide range of over 300 genes. By genetically engineering a set of genes, EctoLife’s “elite package” would allow the customization of the baby’s eye color, hair color, skin tone, physical strength, height, and level of intelligence. Likewise, Al-Ghaili remarked that gene editing would allow parents to fix any inherited genetic diseases that are part of their family history so “[their] baby and [their] offspring will live a healthy, comfortable life, free of genetic diseases.” 

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