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Democrats Alleged Votes Changed by Secret Code in Machines

The election of George W. Bush in Ohio in 2004 was a microcosm of 2020. The Democrats screamed about computer fraud, and based primarily on the difference in exit polls versus the votes counted, their lawyers filed a lawsuit which alleged, inter alia:
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Ken Blackwell and others “participated personally and/or substantially ‘in devising and/or implementing [a] pattern of vote fraud and discrimination * * * which operated to deprive numerous Ohio citizens of their constitutional and statutory rights.” They had a “plan to steal the election.” Petition at 15, 28.
The legitimate result was changed to a fraudulent result by “gaining physical or electronic access to the tabulating machines and systems” such as by modem,” Id. at 30.
The “confederate of [the Republicans] who was actually changing the vote totals did not need access to the computer. Electronic access can be obtained from almost anywhere in the world. . .” Id. at 30-31.
Fraudulent acts included “erasing or falsifying the electronic audit trail which could show access to the computer and the spreadsheet.” Id. at 31.
A second means of changing the result included “by inserting unauthorized and so far undetected operating instructions into the software” used in connection with voting machines,” and,
“[S]ome or all of the unauthorized operating instructions were pre-set to delete themselves a given amount of time after the election.” 1 Id. at 31.
“[A]t least 130,613 votes were taken from Kerry- Edwards and given to Bush-Cheney.” at 33-35.

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