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A recent article in Familywealthwatch gives us insight into what makes super rich people tick. There are no surprises here.

No, they don’t have an exceptional greed for money.
No, they don’t envision themselves as rulers of the world.
No, they don’t consider themselves better than everybody else because of their money.

Of course,  you may find a greedy robber baron in the bunch, but by and large, these folks have worked real hard on themselves. They have made themselves capable of great success.

And you know what? Anybody could do this. Check out this list of characteristics from the article:

Mature personality:

  • The rich are emotionally more stable, and therefore less neurotic
  • The rich are especially extraverted
  • The rich are more open to new experiences
  • The rich are less agreeable, which means they less likely to shy away from conflicts
  • The rich are more conscientious.


“One of the key findings was that the superrich are frequently nonconformists. They enjoy swimming against the prevailing current and have no problem contradicting prevailing opinion. Another result: the superrich are more likely than others to make decisions based on gut feeling. They tend to rely more on intuition than on detailed analysis.”

Strong sense of responsibility:

“And, most importantly, they have a completely different approach to dealing with defeats and setbacks than most people. Across the population at large, people like to take credit for their successes while looking to assign the blame to others for defeats and setbacks. In this, the superrich are quite different, as the interviews showed: They seek to identify the causes of setbacks in themselves, not in external circumstances or other people. This gives them a feeling of power: “If the fault lies with me, I can change it. I am in control of my own life.”

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