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Enabling a Decentralized WorldHow can we create something that has never existed before?

There are a wide variety of “intentional communities” which are self-assembling all across the globe. Each of these are emerging to address different needs, and each represents a different point of view. I suggest that some sort of congress, physical or virtual, is convened with representatives from these diverse communities. The purpose of such a congress would not be to develop solutions, but rather to define the problems which will benefit from a new political structure. One that is forward looking, designed to enable global connectivity and cooperation while maintaining diversity, autonomy and individual/group/national (?) sovereignty. Such a structure must enable rather than stifle innovation, in my opinion. Such a structure must be based on a shared commitment to integrity and transparency, which is the foundation upon which trust is built.
In short, the charter of such a congress would be to define the global need, not to formulate the solutions. That would be enough. That alone would be a major achievement.

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