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FDA Approves New Intravenous Monkeypox Drug Treatment From PFIZER-Linked SIGA Technologies

Pfizer is apparently at it again, conveniently hitting another grand slam with another perfectly timed drug release for the latest viral outbreak sweeping the west – monkeypox.

After hitting it out of the park with their experimental mRNA Covid vaccine – typically what would be considered a once-in-a-lifetime development that’s cashing the company out to a tune of $1,000 per second – it seems like a long stretch that Pfizer would be involved in the ‘cure’ for the new outbreak, but hey, they apparently pulled it off.

In 2019, a company called SIGA Technologies announced a promotion agreement for TPOXX, its smallpox/monkeypox drug, with Meridian Medical Technologies. Guess who owns Meridian? Pfizer. Today, the FDA approved SIGA’s drug. Pfizer scores again.

Considering everything that Pfizer has been exposed for, and involved in over the past two-plus years – including, but not limited to: burying information, poor clinical trial standards, skipped clinical trials, poor efficacy of treatments, and an unprecedented number of vaccine injuries/deaths– let alone what Fauci and the ‘experts’ at the FDA have been up to – it’s not a stretch to take a pause and do some deeper digging when you see Pfizer is leading the charge this time around too.

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