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FDA is using the COVID-19 Vaccines as a “Platform Technology” for mRNA Vaccine Trials.This shows shocking idiocy and malfeasance on the part of the FDA, as well as complete regulatory capture.Robert W Malone MD, MS

What this all means is that using these flawed pre-clinical trials to support a platform technology was PLANNED from the beginning. By not focussing on the payload of the vaccines, but instead relying on the generic formulations prior to initiating clinical trials, this has allowed CBER (and Moderna, and Pfizer/BioNTech) to transfer these highly flawed pre-clinical data packages to all upcoming mRNA vaccine trials for new vaccine products!

The implications of this are enormous. First, it is complete regulatory failure as well as yet more evidence of regulatory capture. Second, that this “pandemic” has been exploited to drive approval of a mRNA platform technology -whereby only TWO companies will be allowed to compete (those that completed the two approved pre-clinical packages).

We know now that the pseudouridine-containing mRNA does not break down for months. But rather, it stays in the body producing protein. This is not natural mRNA by any stretch of the imagination, and it does not behave like natural mRNA. This technology, as currently practiced by Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech, employs a novel polymeric biomolecule, the properties of which have not been well characterized. The protein levels being produced by these vaccines is not known, the duration of protein production isn’t known, and the biodistribution of protein production is not known. And the FDA and other global regulatory authorities are all comfortable with this?? As an example of one of the dangers with not knowing the protein levels, distribution and duration of transgene expression, we know from many prior immune tolerance studies that too much antigen (protein in this case), can cause “tolerance.” That is essentially where the immune system stops seeing the threat. These vaccines could easily drive up tolerance against a virus. We know from multiple peer reviewed papers from top global laboratories that they are driving “immune imprinting” or “original antigenic sin” problems- in human beings (not just mice). This is not theoretical. It is real, and being exacerbated by the “booster vaccines” (FDA terminology) or “new vaccines” (US White House terminology).

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