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Gallery of Freedom Fighters

Who are the heroes of today?Rachel AbramovitzRon BeruttiRobert BeadlesRobert BrewerJonathan BroadbentJesse BurgerMichael CurrieCarol DiPaoloMelanie DragoneBarbara EamesDalila EppersonLaurie Gaddis BarrettChris KirklandDan KleinmanSteve KobrinEd LapinskiPaul LundGerald Malloy (Retired Veteran)John and Kathi MeoFelicia MilelliColonel (RET) John MillsPnina Mintz, Ph.D.Paul MladjenovicGwyneth Murray-NolanElizabeth NaderKhalid NamarChristine PadovanAnnette ParchertJovan Hutton PutlitzerGreg QuinlanAngela ReadingThomas RenzJames RosenbergerKathleen Ruddy MDMurray SabrinLouise SalomonDan SchultzKristin SinclairStephen SternNik StoufferMichele SwinickPritish VoraJoe WelshRobert WestPastor Ed WheelerJim WomackChris WorrellSam AnthonyJonathan Zachreson

Who are the heroes of today?

They are expert physicians and scientists speaking out against medical tyranny.

They are lawyers fighting illegal and unconstitutional mandates in the courts.

They are wealthy entrepreneurs forming alternative media platforms to expose the truth. 

And they are political candidates taking on the Deep State and all forms of government corruption.

At the same time, today’s war against the dictator-wannabes is being fought on many fronts much closer to home, by many everyday people:

Patients, who have to protect personal health information – and bodily autonomy – from health system surveillance and coercion.

Citizens, who have to protect their privacy — and their private property — against encroaching Digital ID and CBDC. 

Parents, who have to push back against disruptive campaigns in schools, including critical race theory and transgender grooming.

Town residents, who have to preserve municipal resources — schools, hospitals, even whole neighborhoods — from invading illegal immigrants.

Everyday people have to become everyday heroes.  We have no choice.  The forces of tyranny have advanced — not just to our doorstep — but into our minds, bodies, bank accounts, and medical records.  We must either rise to the occasion, or we must accept our lot as transactional units in the Technocratic State.

These are the stories of these Freedom Fighters. We can take inspiration and motivation from each and every one of them, to persevere in the fight for our own freedom.

Rachel Abramovitz

December 11, 2022

Dear Healthcare Provider,

I am writing to you today to share some learnings that I gathered over the past two years of providing pro bono legal assistance to hospital patients and their family members. From these experiences, I have identified Five Basic (Inalienable) Patient Rights:

1) The Right to Food (i.e. proper nutrition in accordance with Patient’s reasonable preferences and medical and religious requirements)

2) The Right to Water (including IV fluids and appropriate fluid management)

3) The Right to Family or delegee at the Bedside 24/7 (in person, and virtual audio/visual when in person is not possible)

4) The Right to voluntary informed consent for all medical testing, treatment and procedures and the right to participate in determining your treatment plan. When a procedure carries with it a risk of injury or death, or invasion of privacy, the patient has a right to refuse and consent must be documented in writing.

5) The Right to be Released Home Upon Request (patients cannot be against their will in a healthcare facility).

My message to you today is simple. Any law, rule, regulation, order, guideline or hospital policy that violates any of the above Five Basic Patient Rights is fundamentally and manifestly unlawful, and therefore unacceptable. Remember your Hippocratic Oath to First Do No Harm.

Under Article 33 of the Rome Statute of 1998 “Superior orders and prescription of law,” orders to commit crimes against humanity are manifestly unlawful.

According to Nuremberg Principle IV, an order issued at the level of national law, can be “unlawful” according to international law. A person who accepts such an unlawful order faces the possibility of legal punishment at the international level (e.g. Nuremberg Trials the Sequel, coming soon to a courthouse near you).

According to Nuremberg Principle II: “The fact that internal law does not impose a penalty for an act which constitutes a crime under international law does not relieve the person who committed the act from responsibility under international law.”

According to Nuremberg Principle IV, the individual has a moral choice. “The fact that a person acted pursuant to an order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”

In “moral choices” or ethical dilemmas an ethical decision is often made by appealing to a “higher ethic” such as ethics in religion or secular ethics. One such “higher ethic” is found in many religions and in secular ethics, is the ethic of reciprocity, or the Golden Rule. According to the Golden Rule, one has a right to just treatment, and therefore has a reciprocal responsibility to ensure justice for others. Higher ethics, such as those, could be used by an individual to solve the legal dilemma presented by the superior orders defense.

Although messengers are not usually responsible for the message that their superior sends with them, the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th century corpus of Jewish law) states, “There is no messenger in a case of sin.” Joseph Telushkin interprets the precept to mean that “if a person is sent to perform an evil act, he cannot defend his behavior by saying he was only acting as another’s messenger. … [T]he person who carries out the evil act bears responsibility for the evil he or she does.” This is because God’s law (i.e. morality) supersedes human law. While these resources are Jewish resources, Christianity and Islam stem from Judaism, as do many other religions of the world and certain all people can draw guidance from these ancient sources of wisdom.

In summary, under the Doctrine of Superior Orders, if you are a healthcare provider that was instructed to follow a law, rule, regulation, order, guideline or hospital policy that is manifestly immoral or unethical, if you comply with such order, you will not be protected from legal liability. On the contrary, under the Doctrine of Superior Orders you are required to Refuse to Comply.

If you are not sure if a law, rule, regulation, order, guideline or hospital policy is manifestly unlawful, immoral or unethical, then I suggest you apply the Golden Rule, otherwise known as the “Do not unto others” test. It is simple. Do Not Unto Others what is Hateful to You. Would you want to be denied food or water if you were a patient in the hospital? Would you want to be isolated from your family and left to die alone without your loved ones at your side? Would you want to be forced to undergo a medical test, treatment or procedure without your consent or the consent of your healthcare proxy if you are unable to express your wishes?

If the answer to any of the above is No, then the solution is clear. Follow your conscience and uphold your Oath.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above.

Yours Sincerely,

Rachel Abramovitz

369 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10017

Tel: 646‐665‐1560


Ron Berutti

Murray-Nolan Berutti LLC is already a national leader in meeting our clients’ legal needs with respect to Constitutional Law issues involving deprivations of liberty and civil rights. We handle the cases that others fear, including vaccine mandate challenges, medical exemptions, masking, critical race theory in schools, Second Amendment rights, economic liberty, election law and other issues that strike at the heart of our free and just equal opportunity society which we believe must be protected. Freedom is not free, and it always is only one generation away from extinction, as was said by President Reagan. We not only talk the talk, but we walk the walk for freedom, and we never will stop fighting for it. If your liberties are jeopardized by government or private actors who want to impose themselves on your way of life and your personal decisions for yourself and for your family, we are ready to help you, no matter the complexity or the odds.

Murray-Nolan Berutti LLC 

Ronald A. Berutti
136 Central Avenue
Second Floor
Clark, New Jersey 07066
(908) 588-2111

Robert Beadles

It is imperative that those who are already aware of the ongoing cover-up of election fraud stand up, speak out, and educate as many people as possible.
For those who are not yet knowledgeable about this issue, it is critical that they learn the basics, stand up, speak out, and educate others.
People must not wait for others to take action on their behalf; they must take responsibility for their own actions.
If we protect the integrity of our elections, we safeguard everything else.
Many people are busy addressing various smaller issues without addressing the root problem: stolen elections.
If you were in a position of leadership and citizens brought up issues like open borders or porn in schools, you would put an end to those problems immediately. The fact that our leaders don’t speaks volumes, indicating their complicity in these crimes, as they were selected rather than elected.
At the very least, each of you should demand the following:
Election Day, not month-long voting
Voter ID requirements
Precinct-level voting and reporting
Elimination of electronic voting or counting machines
All vote counting should be done in full public view
Results should be reported on election night
This is how things used to be done, and this is what we must strive to return to.
If we protect our elections, we protect everything.
It’s up to you to save yourself and your families. Don’t wait for anyone else; peacefully demand that your county implements the minimum voting standards described above.
If we call out the people allowing this to happen, by name, in each county, it all ends.

Robert Beadles
@robertbeadles on twitter
@robertbeadles on truth social
@robertbeadles on GAB

Robert Brewer

What Truths Do You Hold?

If you stumbled for an answer, you shouldn’t, for our founders placed the answers on the very first page of united States law.

What are those answers?

How about the laws that no human laws should be suffered to contradict?

How about the Laws of Nature?


How about the laws of Nature’s God?

The Bible? 

How about “all men are created equal” or “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”?

How about Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”?

Or, “to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”?

Or, “that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter [restore]  or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, [the Laws of Nature’s God] and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness”?

Now, may I ask the question again?

What truths do you hold?

Now, might it be time for you to visit your Commissions, Councils, and Boards and ask those you elected to serve you:


Might it be time to ask those who ask for your November 7, 2023 vote or contribution the same question?

The time is short.  

The time is now! 

The future of America and the liberty of your progeny must rest securely in the truth that has held America for 247 years.

Robert L Brewer


Jonathan Broadbent

Jonathan Broadbent walked away from Wall Street and turned whistle-blower, exposing insider deals and far-Left influence in the world of Finance. ERISA Subject Matter Expert, ESG/CBDC counter-warrior; public speaker; Founder of UnWoke Investing – Defund the “woke”; championing 1st Amendment Rights (via Citizens for Free Speech); 2nd Amendment (as President of the Beachwood Gun Club); Education (as Chair and Territory Lead of Protect Ohio Children).

After seeing first-hand the devastating impact of conflicts inherent in ERISA-governed Plans, Jonathan formed FeeBased401k.com and FeeBased403b.com in order to highlight and eliminate conflicts of interest and self-dealing.  These were later rebranded as www.PlanPartners.net, which has impacted countless lives in the U.S. in the fight for proper Prudent Care of workplace retirement plans.  This company is a 100% wholly owned, private company with no affiliations or corporate self-dealing.  As of March 2022, Plan Partners has experienced 17 months of heightened “examination” by Regulators (Jonathan has published a series of interviews on “Weaponized Regulators” on Rumble and other platforms and fully intends to move the company away from regulatory oversight, giving power/oversight instead to We The People).  Plan Partners was briefly closed by Regulators at the conclusion of 2022 (ostensibly for over-payment of dues).  Jonathan fought it back into operation at great expense.  Neither Jonathan nor Plan Partners is suspected of any wrong-doing.  Anyone who suggests that three-letter agencies have not been weaponized against We The People should watch such stories closely.

Find out more: LibertyLinks: https://libertylinks.io/jrbroadbent


Coming Soon: www.jrbroadbent.com

Jesse Burger

What is Freedom, is it important, is it worth fighting for?

These are questions that many may answer the same way, Freedom is doing what I want, it’s important, it’s worth fighting for. But similar to many things in our society, it’s often little more than lip service and the meaning behind the sentiment has been long forgotten.

So what is Freedom? It is the ability of a people to not be confined to a pre-determined life controlled by men without hope for upward mobility.

Is it important? This depends on perspective. If all that matters is physical and emotional comfort and safety, and each persons self absorbed world view fulfilled, then NO, Freedom is not important to these people. However, if the ability to control your destiny, to move up the economic ladder, to be all you can be and enjoy the fruits of your labor is important, then Freedom should be at the top of the priority list.

Is it worth fighting for? While most Americans will boldly proclaim, YES!, it is a sad truth that this is where the fight ends, with words only. Maybe some don’t understand what it means to fight for Freedom, maybe some are so self obsessed they haven’t truly thought about it, but it should be known, Freedom isn’t Free!

Digging Deeper:

Freedom is our ability to defend our selves, our families and our loved ones. It’s the ability to speak freely about what we believe, it’s the ability to worship God in the manner we think best. It is also a license to be lazy, enjoying the freedom that was paid for by better men without having the intestinal fortitude to contribute to its continuity.

Growing up overseas I was privileged with seeing how non-Americans view Freedom. It’s a concept that is near impossible to explain. It would be like a woman explaining child birth to a man, or a man explaining what testosterone feels like to a woman. There are some things that when not experienced personally can’t be conveyed to another. In America we live in a world where you can say what you want, pursue your own personal satisfaction, and not fear death the way the rest of the world does.

Travel to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and see how foreign these concepts are. Read about our Founding Fathers and WHY they did what they did and said what they said. Understand that this country, the United States of America, stands uniquely alone, against the backdrop of the global stage, as the last remaining place where Freedom exists. And understand that even now, living in this country, what you deem to be freedom is far from what the Founding Fathers enjoyed when this country was born.

Is Freedom important? This is an individual question that we each must ask ourselves. And frankly, I believe most Americans, when truly confronted would say “No, I don’t want freedom”. Why? Because Freedom comes with inherent risk! It comes without the ability to have complete control over people, and people can be unpredictable. We create laws to ease this unpredictability and create “normalcy” so that we feel better but in doing so are giving up our God given rights to a third party (Government) to wield on our behalf.

However, let me tell you, having lived in places that are not free, having a deep understanding from real experience and not reading from a book, Freedom is of utmost importance. Yes, there is risk, but the greater risk is loosing your Freedom, having handed it over to a Government that will wield your power recklessly and use it to subjugate you. You need look no further than to Canada to see what happens when you are not free. Speech is now compelled, the Government can dictate what you say, when you say it, and how you say it, lest you face “re-education”.

Embrace the uncertainty that is inherent with freedom. Do it joyfully! Do it with gratefulness! Nothing is sweeter than Freedom and while tyranny has an appeal to the gluttons that only care for self indulgence, relinquishing your freedom will lead to momentary happiness followed by lasting calamity.

So is Freedom worth fighting for? I believe the answer is YES! But what does that look like? Is this a call to arms like our Fore Fathers? Does it mean the shock and awe campaign in Iraq with lots things that go boom?

Fighting for Freedom, like real war, is often less glamorous than made out in Hollywood. Fighting for Freedom starts with the individual understanding that if they don’t ACTIVELY participate in maintaining their freedom it will be stripped away. It means understanding that there is an obligation to be involved in your local community, in your church, parish, or synagogue.

Yes there are moments where taking up arms is necessary. Anyone that disagrees is either willfully ignorant of history or has nefarious intent. However, the main fight for freedom comes everyday in ones life where there is a choice to be made. Will you give your money to companies and organizations that despise your autonomy and freedom? Will you send your children to schools that teach blatant racism and confuse them on things as basic as human biology claiming “academic enlightenment”? Will you sit quietly in your home while anti-freedom, anti-American rhetoric is spewed public in fear of being ostracized?

The fight for Freedom is an everyday choice. If taking up arms becomes necessary, and it very well may, it is the result of fearful men that failed to take a stand when the opportunity was available. The War against America is hitting a new peak, but there is still time to reverse course, get back to our roots, and become engaged, understanding that every citizen has an obligation to fight for their and their neighbors freedom.

Everyone has a role to play, if you say “There’s nothing I can do”, I bet my bottom dollar you haven’t thought about it long enough (dare I say at all). Young or Old, athlete or bookworm, strong and healthy or sick and weak, each person has divinely provided talents and gifts that can be used for self serving purposes or for a higher calling.

It is my sincere hope that each American citizen carefully evaluate their position and determine what they can do daily to defend Freedom and act upon it. There is no where else to go, there is no one coming to save us, we must act accordingly and participate in the process. Veterans, Service Members, Police / First Responders may be the tip of the spear, but we are all united as Free citizens of this great Nation.

Email: Jesse@nexttext.us
Phone: 847-504-6767
Website: nexttext.us

Michael Currie

My name is Michael Currie, in 2020 during beginning of covid my great-grandmother died in a nursing home in Philadelphia due to an order handed down by the PA governor. Then seeing the struggles with online learning during school closures, a move that has truly negatively affected so many kids still to this day. Spoken out about masks and now the ideological insanity happening in NJ

I push back because doing nothing, solves nothing. These issues need to be confronted because our opposition is fierce. They want you to feel alone and scared, but here to say, “You are the difference”. You are not alone, find those in your community willing to push back, and work together. 
Fight for your states and kids

Michael Currie @colarchon on X/Twitter,
Follow our group handle at @wakeupnj on X,  wakeup.nj of IG and our website 

Carol DiPaolo

I have been involved in fighting both the government and the medical establishment since 1984. In 1984, my son who was 4 yrs old had open heart surgery. He received 19 units of blood and one of the units was contaminated with the AIDS virus. In 1988, Joey was diagnosed with full blown AIDS and given one year to live. During my crusade to save my son and others, I took the blood bank to court and won the case for my son. I was the founder of The Joey DiPaolo AIDS foundation which created a sleep away summer camp program for teens living with HIV/AIDS. The non-profit ran for 15 years and the summer camp program called TLC ran for 10 years. The camp is still in existence but addresses many issues and not just AIDS. It is under different leadership. On a national basis, I was a member of the Community Constituency Group (CCG) organized by AIDS activists with the assistance of Dr. Fauci. I became the National Pediatric AIDS Representative and worked with pediatric researchers as they put together AIDS trials for children and pregnant women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. If you are wondering what became of my son, he is 44 years old, married to a lovely woman and they have two little girls.

Why do I fight for freedom?
I fight for those who are not able to fight because they are either blind or in denial to the fact that we are losing our freedom, or too young, too old to, or too sick to fight. I know first hand what medical freedom we had and what medical freedom we have lost especially since COVID was unleashed on us. I know from dealing with government and elected officials just how corrupt many of them are and how for power and money they would and do put our welfare at risk. I cannot sit back and be complacent as I watch my great country deteriorate like a person with AIDS during the height of the epidemic. We are losing our light, our strong foundation, our freedom and our status among the nations of the world. I fight for freedom so we can once again be known as America, land of the free and home of the brave.

What is my biggest fear as I go to battle?
My biggest fear is that there will be too many battles to fight and not enough people bold enough to be in the fight. One of the factors I believe is fear. People fear the government. They believe the lies created by the mainstream media causing them fear. They are fearful to speak out, afraid of not being politically correct. They are fearful to use critical thinking and not be part of group think. Throw in complacency and we have a good chance of losing our country and our freedoms for good. Psalm 118:5 Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I want to thank you for stepping out and being in the fight. I hope others will be encouraged to stand up and stand strong. The war has only just begun.


Melanie Dragone

NJ Public Health Innovation Political Action Committee

PHIPAC’s mission is to protect and strengthen the constitutionally guaranteed and fundamental rights of New Jersey residents to make all medical decisions for themselves and their families without coercion or undue constraint.

NJPHIPAC envisions a future where New Jersey is a beacon for health freedom. We believe that the health of our communities will flourish only when the health of each individual is honored.


Barbara Eames

Barbara and her husband, Bill, founded the Morris Patriots, in 2009, during the time of the “tea parties” that formed at the beginning of the Obama administration.  The main issue at that time was “Obamacare”.  Despite immense push-back from the conservative movement, the law was implemented, and the government largely took over the administration of national healthcare.  Then President Trump was elected, and we saw changes that were intended to move away from the expansion of the federal government, and, as President Trump promised in his inaugural address, return the control of the government to “The People”.  Things DID change. 

In late February, 2020, Barbara and Bill formed “Working Together for NJ” – created for the purpose of returning NJ to more conservative governance, at a governmental level where the citizens could actually impact government and state law.  New Jerseyans and the nation were then within two weeks thrown into COVID 19 shutdowns.  But in late 2019, Governor and Tammy Murphy had just gained legislative approval of new Sex Education standards and a “LGBTQ Contributions” law.  Then, under the cover of the December 2020 lame duck session of the legislature, Governor Murphy was successful at passing one of our nation’s most radical abortion laws.  Then the uncertainly and questions surrounding the November 3, 2020 “election” of President Biden emerged on the national scene.

These three issues – Governor Murphy’s Sex Ed Standards, the Sanctity of Life, and Election Integrity have motivated us to educate citizens and encourage them to engage in civic advocacy.  Only by getting to know and influence your local, county, and state elected officials, by becoming a member of your town’s County Committee, or by running for public office yourself, will the survival of our republic be assured.  Our Founding Fathers envisioned nothing less.  Yet, as government has grown and become more complicated, many citizens have retreated from personal involvement, and perhaps even from voting. 

As President Reagan spoke years ago about the survival of our republic:

We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Our Election Integrity website is WTNJElections.org.  We can also be reached by email at Barbara.Eames@protonmail.com

Dalila Epperson

Dalila Epperson is running for State Assembly District 30 and her platform is based on Parents Rights. She has been active in her community since her youth helping others understand the many bills that have been slowly eroding our natural rights. More recently, as a mother, she has been going to Sacramento to oppose the many bills that are taking away the rights of parents, such as the State sanctioned kidnap bill, among many others. Voting for Dalila will not only ensure that you’ll have a warrior in the Assembly to block these horrible bills, but she’ll be authoring bills to protect everyone’s natural rights: parents, children’s and all families. 

Besides being a grassroots leader, I am the proud wife of a firefighter and Navy Veteran, a happy mom of 3 adult children, and thrilled to have 2 beautiful grandchildren!  

I am the Chapter President of the Monterey County Republican Assembly. A Judeo-Christian based Republican Organization. As the late President Reagan put it: “The Conscience of the Republican Party.” (REAGAN)

I am the First VP of the Monterey County Republican Women Federated. I have been on two Congressional Campaigns and am happy to serve and help. I know it’s never been about politics but always about the people!

I am fully motivated to be the representative and to fight for our country and state.  Everyone is fed up with Establishment Republicans. We need real people to lead. People who want to right our nation back in the direction our Founding Fathers envisioned, and tried to keep, through the Holy Spirit guided wisdom of the writing of the Constitution.  I also realize we are under attack by the Communist driven Left, and we need to act now, or forever lose our state, and America entirely. I am, and have always been, a Patriotic Republican. 



Laurie Gaddis Barrett

For Barrett, fighting for parents’ rights has been transformative—and nearly a full-time job.

There was a time when the #OurKids messaging campaign never would have gotten off the ground. The basic principle embodied in the Rhode Island Parents Bill of Rights Act—that children belong to their parents, not the state—was understood by everyone. As the United States Supreme Court famously observed almost a hundred years ago, “the child is not the mere creature of the state; those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right, coupled with the high duty, to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations.”

To protect our children, we should defer to the parents who “nurture” and “direct” them—not to the state.

Barrett sees Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia as an encouraging sign for parents everywhere who want to take back their moral authority to nurture and direct their own children. And she is hopeful that Rhode Island parents, now awakened and organized, will indeed prevail in November. If she’s right, the winners will be the kids.

Chris Kirkland

Like many people, the early influencers in my life were the people that molded me into the person I am
today. Those influences would be GOD, Family, and Country. I consider myself blessed with having
grown up in a military family with 5 boys; of which I was the oldest sibling and having traveled the
world. Early in my development I was constantly told I needed to look out for my younger brothers and
protect them. It was an attitude I took with me the rest of my life. I believe this trait molded me into
the person I am today. I’ve always hated people that took advantage of others whether by bullying
them or deceiving them, it is something I stood against and tried to be a force for correcting these
wrongs in this world.

Another trait I’ve always tried to emulate was that of being a problem solver. The world is filled with
complainers and critics. As someone once said to me, “There has never been a statue made to a critic”, so be a problem solver. Again, this is something I have taken to heart; and try to foster in others. Be a problem solver and oil in the machine, go where you are needed to help things run a little smoother and more efficiently.

Throughout my career in the military, as a consultant and now business owner one of the biggest problems I have seen is in cybersecurity. All the large companies have an army of professionals looking out for them in this area, but not so much the little guy. The little guys (Small Business Owners, Individuals or Family) are pretty much on their own. So, this is the area I have decided to concentrate my efforts of problem solving on in our business. To be a force for good and to protect those who are
most vulnerable. I am honored to be part of that fight and to do what I can in my sphere of influence
and control.

Think Globally, Act Locally and do what you can to make the world a better place is not just phrase but a great way to live.

Chris Kirkland
CEO, Cyber Team U.S.

Dan Kleinman

Children need protection from those who harm them, even if the harm is done by an unexpected source: school librarians. American Library Association spends millions to indoctrinate more children and sue more parents. ALA trains librarians to block books like Kirk Cameron’s Brave Books from being read in libraries, leading General Flynn to call ALA “Marxist thugs” and three US Senators to demand a federal investigation of ALA for its censorship and religious discrimination.

Even the White House has adopted ALA’s harmful policies and the US Department of Education is working to spread ALA’s views nationwide. One of ALA’s views is that librarians know certain material is “s3xually inappropriate for minors,” so just “reframe” it as diversity and inclusion then use the “Right to Read Act” to force parents to accept that.

Somebody has to do something to stop this or children nationwide will be s3xualized and indoctrinated in schools, with the force of the US government, no less.

I’m Dan Kleinman and I started World Library Association, the common sense alternative to American Library Association.

World Library Association seeks to obtain major funding needed to counter what ALA is doing—there is no other counter at this time, just WLA. WLA also provides guidance on library services that’s based on common sense, community standards, and the law.

Listen to the interview. Join us!

Dan Kleinman
World Library Association, Executive Director
(512) 766-9427
X: @WLibraryA

Steve Kobrin

My “Why”

I am a student of BaGua Kung Fu. When you take on a lifelong commitment like this, you need to always be in touch with your “Why:” the reason you should keep putting yourself through the demanding training; the arduous tests; the injuries — and all the self-doubts and insecurities that go along with these challenges. If you are not aware of what motivates you, you will quit as soon as the going gets tough.

If you ask different martial arts practitioners for their “why,” you will probably get a variety of answers: Self-defense. Personal growth. Enjoyment. Enlightenment. I relate to all of these, as do most artists. But for me, they all come under the heading of mental toughness training. Any time you find a “chink in your mental armor,” in terms of a thought, feeling, or mindset that holds you back, you work on it, to make yourself stronger.

I have discovered that if you can master your most primal fears – getting hit, hurt, and even dying – then you can master any fear. So first and foremost, my reason for standing up to the Statist dictator-wannabes, is to show them that they will never make me live in fear.

I grew up in a rough neighborhood of New York City. Had a lot of fights with a lot of tough guys, and held my own very well. I was even recruited for a gang.

But I hate bullies. I hate people who pick on weaker people. I especially hate people who are ordinarily not a bully, but who pile on when somebody is down. I stood up many times for kids getting ganged up on.

It drove me crazy when Covid hit, and everyone turned into a health enforcer. People who were usually timid as a mouse, all of a sudden tried to force people into compliance with onerous mandates.

I will not let people with a mob mindset gang up on me, and others who are intimidated.

As a Jew, I am very sensitive to tyranny. The Jewish nation was created as an antidote to an oppressive society. God liberated us from slavery in Egypt, and gave us the Torah with instructions on how to preserve freedom. Our duty is to teach this to other nations.

My family has experienced the horror of tyranny first hand. My uncle’s family were among the last Jews living in their town in Germany when the Nazis came to power. They were reluctant to leave until tragedy almost struck: Nazi youths attacked my uncle – he was around 11 years old – and hung him from a tree to die.

By the Grace of God a famer came by in his wagon just then, drove the thugs off, and cut my uncle down. His mother had them on the next available plane to the US..

When they arrived, immigration officials questioned them about why they should be allowed to live in America (in those days, our borders were protected.) My uncle basically said: “I have just escaped with my life from Communists. If you let me in this country, I will help you defeat them.”

They did, and he did. He graduated high school, and then joined the Navy. He was serving in the Pacific Basin when we dropped the bombs to defeat Japanese imperialism.

America is the last bastion of freedom in the world today. Judeo – Christian values are the root of those freedoms. I think it is the duty of every Jew and Christian in our country to stand up for those freedoms.

Remember: Hitler didn’t want to just eliminate Jews and Christians. He wanted to eradicate our religious heritage.

911 was my wake-up call: it could happen here. War could come to our shores. I became involved in community safety and security.
Fortunately, my town has always promoted citizen participation. They had a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT,) and I underwent training to support the Office of Emergency Management.

The Police Department ran a Citizens Police Academy. I graduated that, and went on to start a Neighborhood Watch with other graduates.

I worked closely with both the OEM and PD on helping local houses of worship with emergency preparedness.

When the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre took place, I started a private Facebook group to discuss community safety and security. I had two goals:

  1. To keep people mindful of all threats, not just mass shooters. As congregations hardened their physical defenses, I wanted to make sure every-day issues like environmental health and street violence were not forgotten;
  2. To identify all the factors that could make communities unsafe. Shootings, and other violent crimes, do not take place in a vacuum; there is a cultural /  legal / political environment that can either encourage or discourage health and safety.

The year 2020 showed how true this all was. Government officials locking down entire states to “defeat Covid” – and in the process causing more illness and suffering than the virus?! Government officials allowing domestic terrorists to attack people and property with “peaceful protests”?! Government officials conspiring in a “color revolution” to unseat an elected President, and demonize his supporters?!

It became clear to me that the NUMBER ONE threat to community safety and security, is a government that will turn against its own citizens.

I simply will not live in a police state.

An additional point:

Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to express your freedom. I am a third-generation small business owner. My father’s family came to America from Russia, and started a business as soon as they could. It was a way for them to remain independent – especially from the government. They knew that what the government gives, the government can also take away.

My father also started a business – his own life insurance brokerage. I am now carrying that torch, and have been running my own independent brokerage for decades. God bless America, land of free enterprise. But I see the signs of Socialist decay lurking around the corner. The notion of the “essential business” was pushed duing the Covid lockdowns. Essential business? Hey – every income is essential, to every family.

Creating… innovating… building a better mousetrap… these are American economic ideals. They have helped Americans generate fantastic wealth, and become the most charitable people on the planet. But the Global Elites are trying to sink their fangs into this wealth – and to exploit we who create it.

I am 100% committed to stopping their “great reset” in its tracks.

Ed Lapinski

Edward Carl Lapinski was born and raised in Cook County IL who works as a Project Manager for a small woman owned business. He is thankful for his time in the Local Boy Scout Troop #235 of Mount Prospect, where he attained the Rank of Eagle Scout in 2008, which played a crucial role in developing the deep love he has for his God and his County. In his free time, he works enthusiastically to engage others in the local community to become involved in the civic arena and partake in our civic duty. He understands that for our Constitutional Republic to succeed, it must be We the People, who uphold our Duty to safeguard our freedoms, so that our government is truly of the people and by the people to
actually be FOR the people.

He draws from experience and knowledge gained by becoming a Citizen Ninja Ambassador through Citizens for Free Speech (https://www.citizensforfreespeech.org) which helped him to build confidence to get into the civic arena and to fight for what’s right. Other sources of inspiration and knowledge are Dan Schultz’s Precinct Committeeman Strategy and the call to action of General Michael Flynn: Local action has national impact.

If you or someone you know lives within, or nearby to, Elk Grove Township and wants to join the fight to ensure not only that the torch of liberty is passed on to future generations, but also to safeguard the very soul of our nation by spreading God’s Light and Truth, please visit www.roegt.com or visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/ElkGroveTownshipGOP/ to learn more, because his organization has a place for you!

In my interview with Ed, we discussed what freedom means to him, and the influences in life that helped shape his current understanding of it. Given that Ed has been an active leader since he was in High School at Notre Dame College Prep, he was able to share the challenges he faced in becoming a leader or taking on new leadership roles, like in his time as Eminent Commander of Sigma Nu Fraternity. We go on to discuss some of the freedom work he is involved in, as well as some sources of strength he draws from to persevere in his endeavors.

In a nutshell, Ed wants to bring honesty, integrity, and common sense back into everyday politics while restoring the passion that previous generations had for carrying out their civic duties. As an elected Elk Grove Township Committeeman for the Republican Party, he hopes to expose and remove the bad actors that infiltrated the party while assisting efforts to clean house. More importantly, he wants to help elevate others within the party, whether it be as precinct captains, election judges, poll watchers, or even candidates for elected offices, so that the IL GOP becomes more representative of and connected to, the everyday citizens. It’s no surprise Ed had accepted a role with IL Freedom Alliance, volunteering his time to advance the great work the Patriots in Rock Island and Kane County are doing.

I was surprised that in this interview, Ed hadn’t touched on the main story of why he was activated on the local level, which involves his mother being hospitalized following a heart attack stroke incident which left him feeling powerless in the midst of ever changing covid policies and infringement of his mom’s basic human rights and the Lapinski family’s civil liberties. Following months of the inability to be a part of his mother’s recovery or healthcare planning, emotions ran high until one night, his heart and chest felt a passionate flame burning where he could no longer stay idle as his mother was deteriorating while being moved between the hospital and rehab facility.

With a renewed vigor as if he was filled with the Breath of God, he researched all night, connecting the dots between the hospital’s policies and guidance and rules to form an argument for which he knew this time he would not be turned away while trying to be admitted to seeing her in the hospital. As God works in mysterious ways, and as Ed had said, things were in God’s Time, Ed enjoyed several hours with his mother that evening. His courage and determination to stand up to the “authorities” allowed his sisters, brother, dad, and aunt (his mothers sister) each to have a single day with her, due to “modified covid guidance w/ special circumstance” that he had fought for and wouldn’t back down without. After seeing each of her family members in those 5 days, Carole had passed on. More information on Ed’s story can be found here:

Paul Lund

My why.

As a man of faith, I believe every experience I’ve had good, bad or indifferent has ultimately proven valuable to me at some point in my life. After more than 20 years of network marketing, it finally dawned on me that being a good talker does not equate with being an effective salesman. I was around long enough to understand the mechanics of selling, did many trainings on the subject, yet when it came time to actually sell something, it was more miss than hit, so I started wondering where I could take my skills to earn a consistent paycheck and, as they say, those who cannot do, TEACH!  As “luck” would have it, an opportunity to obtain a teaching certificate became very convenient. A school out of Lakewood called Georgian Court University opened up a satellite office in Woodbridge, where I live, and I applied. Nine months, a $23,000 loan and 32 education credits later and I’m a teacher!

Over my 14 years as a Math, Science, Special Ed teacher, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly in the education system. I’ve seen federal programs like No Child Left Behind moving kids through the system un-  or undereducated to keep high school graduation rates high enough not to be considered failing by the feds.  I’ve seen Bill Gates’ trillion-dollar common core standards which looked good on paper to a computer geek, yet failed to move the needle.  And I have witnessed the indoctrination, fearmongering, social-emotional manipulations from climate change hysteria to gender change dysphoria foisted on students and parents and an anti-racism initiative which seeks and often succeeds in dividing and judging students by skin color.  After decades of coddling and “esteem” building, I have seen bad behavior spike and the soft bias of low expectations produce an epidemic of learned helplessness and poor work habits.  I saw the arbitrariness and politically driven Covid response and lockdowns including masking the little ones and pushing the vaccines on a population of kids whose mortality rates were infinitesimal. It was and is a travesty. Enough is enough!

In the summer of ’21, on a Zoom Calls of political allies, I met a guest speaker by the name of Dr. Elana Fishbein and liked what she had to share.   I joined No Left Turn in Education the next day.  While the title is catchy, I will not assume it is self-explanatory.  We simply want politics out of the schools.  There is a politic that directs these interventions and intrusions into local rule – it’s called Marxism.  Marx instructed his followers to be ruthlessly critical of any of the structures they seek to dismantle – not seek reform, not retain what works, but to gut.  Well, education has been hollowed out for decades now and rather than raise well-adjusted citizens engaged in the pursuit of happiness, government schools are raising grievance warriors in the pursuit of a special kind of justice called social justice.  Equity, not equality is the buzzword of this brand of “justice”.  I‘ll sum it up with a quote by the Russian political dissident, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.  “Human beings are born with different capacities.  If they are free, then they are not equal and if they are equal, then they are not free.”

Every student should enjoy equal opportunities to be educated in a manner consistent with their needs and desires, but outcomes, like capacities will vary! That’s why we need more trade schools, different pathways to success.  If we can’t change the direction, the downward spiral the government schools are on, we must cultivate and demand alternatives.  Charter Schools with a track record of better outcomes, Virtual Schools, many of which are faith-based, Learning pods and Homeschooling may make viable options for a significant number of early-adopting parents and, over time will come greater acceptance and a freer market in educational options will be birthed.  It is said that it only takes 100 hours to transmit any subject to a willing recipient.  It isn’t as complicated as the bureaucrats will have you believe!

Beyond turning the culture wars into a peaceful exchange of ideas where all sides are willing to set aside their differences and celebrate their humanity, what do I hope to accomplish in this lifetime? 

·        To be fully expressed,

·        To win hearts and minds, and,

·        To hear, “well done my good and faithful servant!”

Paul Lund, Jr.

NJ Chapter Director,

No Left Turn in Education




Gerald Malloy (Retired Veteran)

I am a retired Army Officer, Combat Veteran, West Point Graduate. 

I was an insurgent Candidate in 2022. I won the US Senate Republican Nomination by the people’s vote. I was endorsed by President Trump. 

I am seeking to serve Vermonters, Vermont, and the United States of America. I am deeply concerned with the direction our Country is going and I have the character, experience, leadership and performance to change the course for a better future.

Born 30 December 1961 in Boston, the oldest of 9 siblings; graduated from Westwood High School, MA. I had visited West Point on a youth hockey trip and wanted to become an Army Officer. Army Hockey Coach Jack Riley came to my HS baseball game to tell me of acceptance. I reported to West Point on 1 July 1980. 

West Point was challenging, a great experience. Highlights were meeting General of the Army Bradley, meeting Walter Cronkite, saluting the 52 returning US hostages, and receiving my diploma from VP Bush. I played some NCAA baseball and 4 years of NCAA hockey for Coach Riley, a great honor. I graduated in 1984 as an active duty Field Artillery Officer with a BS/Political Science. I have also earned an MBA from Temple and a Graduate Certificate under a MS Intelligence program from Georgetown.

I served 22+ years with duty in leadership positions in Germany, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Canada and US bases including 5 years at Fort Bragg. I am a Veteran and served in leadership roles of great responsibility for a Battalion that fired 650 rockets in combat operations over 400km to liberate Kuwait, earning a Valorous Unit Award (equivalent of a Silver Star for an individual). I executed training for 50,000 deploying RC soldiers. I supervised Brigade ROTC operations for New England and NY, including UVM and Norwich, with training at Camp Ethan Allen. I have served as Paratrooper and in Nuclear Surety positions. Early on 9/11 I flew out of Logan on United to meet FEMA in the USVI. Inflight I was asked to guard the cockpit. I returned asap to work at the NYC JFO next to the Intrepid.I served 22+ years with duty in leadership positions in Germany, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Canada and US bases including 5 years at Fort Bragg. I am a Veteran and served in leadership roles of great responsibility for a Battalion that fired 650 rockets in combat operations over 400km to liberate Kuwait, earning a Valorous Unit Award (equivalent of a Silver Star for an individual). I executed training for 50,000 deploying RC soldiers. I supervised Brigade ROTC operations for New England and NY, including UVM and Norwich, with training at Camp Ethan Allen. I have served as Paratrooper and in Nuclear Surety positions. Early on 9/11 I flew out of Logan on United to meet FEMA in the USVI. Inflight I was asked to guard the cockpit. I returned asap to work at the NYC JFO next to the Intrepid. My awards include the Bronze Star and 7 Meritorious Service Medals. I retired from active duty in 2006 as a Major with an Honorable Discharge.

For nearly 5 years I served with the new Defense Coordinating Element, supporting New England Emergency Management operations. I worked extensively with Federal, State, Local agencies and directly supported over 20 PDDs under the Stafford Act, including several in Vermont. I was a lead for the post-Katrina National Level Exercise with 30+ Agencies and a Regional Exercise for Pandemic Response during H1N1. I also supported the Exercise at Harvard that directly benefited the Marathon response. 

Since 2011 I have been in Business management and executive positions, with large and small businesses, leading support to a wide range of US Government organizations. My simple formula: engage, listen, develop a value solution; check every detail of the acquisition and proposal. I’ve had success and results in supporting Government agencies in a very competitive environment.

I live and work in Perkinsville with my wife Stacey, an Attorney. We have 4 children and 3 are in Vermont schools. Our home looks out at Mount Ascutney and Little Ascutney, with the VAST on our property and an original Crown Point Road marker (XI). We love the outdoors and wildlife and have seen Bald Eagles and a Great Gray Owl, hoping to see a Catamount someday. One of my hobbies is making maple syrup from sugar maples in our yard. There is no other place we would rather live than Vermont.

Below are my positions on many areas that need immediate change. I believe it is critical for Congress to address these areas and get our Country back on track, in the right direction, for our future.

Economic Prosperity

1) Finally tackle the $30 Trillion debt. Reduce the size of Federal Government, spend within budget, stop the bleeding. Over the last 15 years since 2007 Congress has allowed the National Debt to increase by over 300%—that’s failure.

2) Energy Independence. Restart the Pipeline and promote, not restrict, US independence across all forms of Energy. Go back to reasonable gas prices and reasonable inflation from 2020, not record and 40-year highs.

3) I support every parent’s right to decide what is and what is not taught to their children in school.

4) Illegal Immigration. Put up the wall. Enforce the law, stop criminals and Fentanyl from China coming into the US. 10,000 lbs. of Fentanyl seized last year—enough to kill 2 Billion people.

5) A comprehensive review of US Trade and Import practices, followed by the implementation of meaningful sanctions on countries with human rights violations, that harbor terrorists, that do not have fair Trade practices, and that produce Fentanyl and other drugs that are killing Americans. Stand up and Stop funding Communism, Terrorism, and Aggression – with the follow on benefit that we can make products instead of importing them.

6) Reduce healthcare costs, not Universal Healthcare but Initiatives with no price gouging and seek to improve Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Administration operations.

7) Ensure the United States has access to natural resources for the future, like lithium.

The Constitution

1) Support and Defend the Constitution as the Oath of Office dictates.

2) No more unconstitutional Federal actions or initiatives like Mask and Vaccine Mandates that have destroyed our Economy. Take a drive down almost any Main Street and see the shuttered businesses.

3) Fully support all Amendments, including 2d Amendment Right to Bear Arms. I am a gun owner, my wife is an NRA member.

4) Pro life. Per the 10th Amendment I support taking this decision out of the Supreme Court and giving it to States and People.

Maintaining a Strong Defense

1) Listen to and take the advice of our military leadership; learn from the debacle of the hasty pullout of Afghanistan where 13 service members died.

2) Rebuild damaged relations with NATO partners and allies around the world.

3) Do not enter into treaties that cannot be enforced with untrustworthy nations, such as Iran.

4) Fully support Law Enforcement. Funding, not Defunding, our Police; preserving order to enjoy freedoms.


I will support and defend the Constitution, to serve the best interests of Vermont and the United States. I thank Senator Leahy for his 48 years of service as the only Democrat Senator ever from Vermont. Just as he won in 1974, in the wake of Watergate and President Nixon’s resignation, it is now time for a change. I offer Character, Experience, Leadership and Performance, for our Future.











God Bless America.

Gerald Malloy
(802) 263-5405

John and Kathi Meo

We had been involved in the local Republican party back in NJ over 20 years ago, but then life got busy with our 7 kids, running our own Financial Planning business, church, moving to Florida, health issues, etc., so we didn’t really pay too much attention until 2016, when Donald J. Trump was running for President and was exposing how corrupt so much of our government was.
We always knew there were some unscrupulous characters, but Trump shed the light on not only the media, but how deep “the swamp” is and how there’s a double standard and a two-tiered justice system in our country. This is the exact opposite of what our forefathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution and passed down to us.
Freedom is a gift bestowed upon us by these founding fathers and God, and it is a gift to be passed on to generations to come. If we don’t fight for them, our children and grandchildren will never know the freedoms we enjoyed ever existed.

We knew we couldn’t sit back any longer and watch them turn our beautiful free country into a Communist state. So we started getting involved in the local Republican party, which was growing since so many people were just disgusted with the treatment of the newly elected President Trump and the constant attacks against him, his cabinet and those of us who realized what he was saying regarding how we were being flat out lied to by our government was true.

Then when Covid hit, we were convinced that it was a deliberate attempt to steal the 2020 election, which is exactly what happened. We went full throttle, using the Precinct Strategy by Dan Schultz who we saw on Steve Bannon’s Warroom Pandemic. We became active Precinct Committeemen in our County Republican Executive Committee and recruited dozens of other America First MAGA Patriots who felt like we do. Kathi became the Secretary on the Executive Board in April 2022, was re-elected in December of 2022, and John became the Chairman April 2023.

We went from 150 to over 300 Precinct Committeemen and women in the last couple years, and are making a big difference in the County from Commissioners to School Board members, flipping all the seats. We continue to fight for Election Integrity and campaigning for strong constitutional Godly patriot conservatives and will never stop!
This is a spiritual war of good vs evil.
Please reach out to John at 732-239-1052, email John at jmeojr@gmail.com and Kathi at 732-239-1053, or email kpraydick@gmail.com if you’d like to learn more about how to get involved.
We need every Patriot to help take our country back!

We will leave you with our favorite quote from the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan:
“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream.
It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same”.

(Note: These are our personal opinions and are made personally and not necessarily representative of the Collier County Republican Executive Committee).

John and Kathi Meo

Felicia Milelli

NJ Public Health Innovation Political Action Committee

PHIPAC’s mission is to protect and strengthen the constitutionally guaranteed and fundamental rights of New Jersey residents to make all medical decisions for themselves and their families without coercion or undue constraint.

NJPHIPAC envisions a future where New Jersey is a beacon for health freedom. We believe that the health of our communities will flourish only when the health of each individual is honored.


Colonel (RET) John Mills

This Gallery is intended to get the viewers off the couch and get in the game. Our country is under assault and attack in a way I never thought would occur after almost 40 years of service to our country in both uniform and as a senior civilian in the U.S. Government.

Many came to this country with a vision of freedom and opportunity, and it is vanishing before our eyes with the cancer of Woke-ism which is a front for totalitarianism. Nice sounding expressions like Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion really teach our citizens to hate themselves and hate each other. These toxic ideologies teach retribution, not reconciliation. None of this is healthy or good for our incredible Constitutional Republic.

Our system is imperfect and the worst form of government out there – except for all other forms of government. All others have been tried and they only bring misery and low expectations for all.

The price of freedom and liberty is not just the American Military overseas, it is the requirement to be involved in the seven common centers of governance in all the approximately 3,300 counties and county equivalents across our 50 states and eight territories. These seven centers of governance are: The Registrar, School Board, County Council, Election Board, Judges, Sheriffs, and Prosecutors. They may be called different names in your state and have slightly different roles and responsibilities, but these are the seven common functions that are the foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

There is a Deep State in America, and it stands upon the shoulders of the counties where citizens have surrendered these seven functions to “someone else”. I stood up to it at the national level as I fought colleagues who were spying on candidate Trump and then waging a coup against President Elect and then President Trump. If you’re not happy with the way things are going, get off the couch and get in the game. The priority is God, Family, and Country – but part of all three of these is a clear requirement to get involved in local government functions. 

Pick one of these seven, become smart on their roles and responsibilities, show up to their meetings, and say something intelligent. You will earn the respect of clean members of these functions and the concern of those who are not running clean and trusted functions.

There is nobody else, there is nowhere else to go. It’s just us, right where we live. Get off the couch and get in the game.

ColonelRETJohn on Substack, Gettr, and Truth

Pnina Mintz, Ph.D.

It is my hope that we can find the strength to speak up and act when seeing evil in our midst. For me, it was the theft of education and taxpayers’ dollars that forced me to pierce my comfortable and safe “bubble” and step into the unchartered waters of public conversations and grassroots organizations. My quest is to keep this country and our children free to pursue their hopes and dreams. The nefarious indoctrination of the minds of our children by our educational systems, social media, and governmental entities are ensuring the enslavement of our country for generations to come. If we stay silent, we will not know what freedom is anymore. The time to stop evil is now, standing united with one voice, finding our courage to defend self-evident truths, and protect our freedoms.

The cultural war on America and our families is entering its final stages. Will Americans unite to defend this country and keep it free? In the face of a tyrannical government destroying children and families, the very building blocks of a civilized society, will you stand by and watch it happen or will you stop it while you are still able to act?

My confidence is that goodness triumphs over evil. I have confidence that there are many more “good” people that can see through the political theatrics. Will we find our united voice and let go of our divisions & fears or will we stay silent? There are many historical examples of evil and despotic regimes implementing tyrannical policies “for your safety”. Will we wake up, speak up, and stop the madness? Will we learn from history and our present experiences or be doomed to repeat disastrous and fatal mistakes? Our children and the future of our country depend on each and every one of us to become involved locally and nationally, and act now to the best of our abilities and capabilities.

Pnina Mintz, Ph.D.

4 Education Transparency, https://www.facebook.com/groups/4educationtransparencycherryhill

Parents for Academic Excellence, https://www.facebook.com/groups/parents4acdemicexcellence

Zionist Organization of America, Board of Directors Member, https://philly.zoa.org/

Cherry Hill Republican Organization, Chairwoman





Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic is the author of Stock Investing for Dummies and many more books and courses. In 1963, as a 4 year old, he escaped with his family communist Yugoslavia and moved to the United States. In his formative years and into his professional life as a national public speaker, author and a certified financial planner (1985-2021), he was an advocate for freedom and free markets and to help folks understand the economic and social dangers of socialism and communism. Paul plans to expand his knowledge of freedom and tyranny through courses and videos to be made widely available with the Freedom Defense Resource Network and other venues and platforms to enlighten and inform the populace about these issues and also to offset the misinformation so aggressively pushed in college and the media. His seminal video work on this topic is Capitalism vs. Socialism; a real-world comparison.

Gwyneth Murray-Nolan

Gwyneth is a third-generation attorney whose grandfather and father were distinguished lawyers in New Jersey.  Gwyneth continues the Nolan family tradition by blazing her own trail, initially as the first female attorney in her family, and now after more than 20 years practicing law, as the first attorney in her family to establish and lead her own law practice.

On January 1, 2022, Gwyneth and her partner Ronald Berutti broke away from a big law firm, where they held equity partner positions, to establish Murray-Nolan Berutti LLC. Gwyneth was the lead plaintiff in a case challenging New Jersey Governor Murphy’s masking mandates for children in schools, and Ron was challenging New York Mayor DeBlasio’s Vaccine Passport requirements when they started. Since then, Gwyneth and Ron have taken on fights in New Jersey, New York, and in other states challenging vaccine mandates, transgender rules, overreaching school boards and second amendment issues, among other things.

Thus, in just under two years, Murray-Nolan Berutti LLC is now recognized as New Jersey’s leader in protecting and promoting individual liberty. Gwyneth remains the only New Jersey parent to be arrested at a school board meeting for engaging in her First Amendment right to criticize the school board and superintendent for their lack of action to protect children in the district who had special needs and medically fragile needs who were forcibly masked in schools.

Gwyneth K. Murray-Nolan
136 Central Avenue
Second Floor
Clark, New Jersey 07066

Elizabeth Nader

A conservative influencer in New Jersey, Elizabeth Nader is the Chief Operating Officer of Common Sense Club and Common Sense New Jersey, host of The Nader Narrative on Jersey 1st TV, a board member of Jersey 1st, co-founder/co-director of the annual conservative conference “A Seat at the Table”, and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She is also a wife, mother of four, mindset coach, motivational speaker, and author of the acclaimed book “Master Your Mindset the Master’s Way”. The belief that a commitment to pursuing truth will help restore our nation to its founding principles is the driving force behind the voice she has established in the political realm.

What is the truth? It’s an age-old question that I believe has an easy answer – it’s the Word of God and everything that emanates from Him. I don’t think we have to walk through life confused about who we are, what we are, and what we should do…just ask the Creator. He speaks constantly…and his Word holds it all. My drive, my motivation, and my inspiration is to accomplish what I was created to do on this earth…and that purpose is driven by God. Don’t you want to know your purpose too?

Elizabeth Nader


Khalid Namar

People often talk of freedom but can seldom define it. For me, Freedom means the ability to live to one’s potential and experience all that life had to offer.

My uncle Prince Nichols served 24 years in the Army, Korea and Vietnam. He told me so many great stories growing up. After he passed away 7 years ago, I asked myself what have I done? Shortly after I met someone from grassroots organization Americans for Prosperity and began volunteering on various causes against government overreach. Now I get paid to do it.

Seeing the rise in America hatred and lack of respect for our constitution gave me the desire to get involved. I joined with a close friend and we began visiting schools and colleges, speaking about the constitution and America’s founding. Seeing the looks in young peoples faces, when they hear things about American history, they haven’t heard before keeps me motivated.

Khalid Namar 

216 538.6810

Christine Padovan

Back in 2013, I met a young woman who became the key to my understanding years later that certain medical and vaccine shots had a similar problem. I and other family and friends were slow poisoned by this disturbed woman with heavy metals hidden from view of regular doctor and hospital tests by nano technology. In this way, doctors would be fooled into thinking we weren’t poisoned and proceed to treat the symptoms only with harsh medical treatment – making artificially created allergies and illnesses worse.

My intuitive and technical abilities uncovered a long-time criminal ring headed by medical and pharmaceutical folks in this woman’s family and they were partnering with certain medical doctors and pharmacies around the country to attack anyone they chose, especially those closest to me as payback for figuring them out.  In October 2019, they tried hard one more time to kill me off, by slow poisoning my now ex-husband through his ex-girlfriend and convince him that I was the problem and not our daughter-in-law.  He poisoned me with high doses of arsenic acquired from his Navy son – who was convinced to become a medical and pharmaceutical technician by our daughter-in-law – her way of continuing to grow her group of slow poisoning assassins.

However, I knew what to do to not die from prior poisonings by what I learned from a renown Ph.D. toxicologist, and was able to detoxify and stay safe without going to any doctor or hospital since my suspects were sure to make certain a hospital trip would be fatal, keeping a low profile and being able to get out of California two years later.

Unfortunately, because of the political climate in California, either between incompetence or corruption, all the criminal cases I filed which had positive evidence and tests went nowhere, the nail in the coffin coming from the FBI itself when they refused to help one detective who asked permission to use the FBI forensic labs to prove I was right with the tests I did. It showed no local, state or federal law enforcement was on the side of the victims – they were firmly on the side of the criminals.

Fast forward to today, and the same symptoms many people have experienced when they have received one or more medical/vaccine type shots (examples: food allergies, blood clots, thrombosis, myocarditis, severe kidney impairment, bloody and/or uncontrolled diarrhea, nerve issues, etc.) were the same symptoms, allergies and illnesses that I and my family and friends went through.

Fully recovered and in a safe location, I was able to start publishing Rumble videos in February 2022 with my theories based on my experience, paying out of pocket for all the forensic testing that actually uncovered the heavy metal toxins we were poisoned with and paying for consults and analysis from my toxicologist who has also been an expert witness in criminal poisoning cases.

Of course, we now have forensic proof that there are metals and other toxins in Covid and other mRNA ‘vaccine’ type shots.  So now I have the proof backing what I and my toxicologist knew was going on with the pandemic and what government and commercial elites are up to. However, this means it is even more imperative in reaching people globally to spread the truth of what is going on and getting more people to detoxify to restore their health before more people die.

Several goals I am working to accomplish in growing this important global education service:

1) to teach people on being their own doctor by detoxifying to restore their health; use full forensic tests to prove toxicity since nano tech hides it from view in regular medical tests. Also for viral protection, taking a proven scientific solution to preventing viruses that is completely natural and safe, but not promoted at all by mainstream media. This same element (glutathione) is also a master detoxifier of any type of toxin and saved my life and that of family and clients numerous times.

2) to educate the public, law enforcement and medical industries on intentional, environmental and accidental poisoning. Knowing the symptoms, and making full forensic testing that bypasses nano technology a standard worldwide to uncover root cause of an illness, so proper detoxification treatment can be recommended to restore health, and properly uncovering a crime.

I also wanted to find a forensic testing resource that was affordable to civilians with these full forensic methods, could provide testing worldwide and found it through Directlabs.com and other partner forensic testing sources. My partnership with them got the pricing even lower so more people can be helped – these test kits can be mailed worldwide or a local lab can assist with sample taking : https://directlabs.com/thepaladina

Of course, more forensic labs or the ability to have these tests be available within each country is another goal.

Over 80% of all known disease stems from inflammation caused by toxicity in the body.  Yes, toxicity can be emotional and mental as well, but right now, our main fight is to stop the physical toxicity being perpetuated throughout the world, especially with these false vaccine shots, and more environmental ‘accidents’ and violence happening on a more frequent basis.

If everyone works together to spread more love and light on the natural virus and detox solutions we have to these illnesses and viruses, our lives can be healthier and happier than we could ever have imagined.

For more information or interest in business partnerships, feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours, Christine Padovan, Owner/Founder

 Paladina International

direct cell 904-955-2685 / tollfree: 1-888-307-6780

Donations appreciated through our fundraising partner Poppin Popcorn: https://supportmyfundraiser.org/store/store.php?sID=00256652

Or direct: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=AMR8A522DE2P2



Now on Roku through the Awake Freedom TV channel (still free): https://rumble.com/c/ThePaladina

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-padovan-6b027014

Interviewed by FOX News talk radio, WLW, KOGO, NTD News Canada, WOWK-TV, ABC33, Sirius XM, the Rich Valdes Show and numerous other stations across North America.

Annette Parchert

Shut Up About Politics Will Ya?

It is a big pile of dirty tricks. But can we just shut up about Politics when politicians are
responsible for the open violations of our rights under the United States Constitution?

I spent 25 years working for the Government researching policies and procedures, conducting
leadership training, implementing new policies in Government. When I retired, I continued to
research a wide variety of topics. However, I couldn’t talk about what I was learning because
everything I was learning was contrary to MSM and my own friends and family stifled, ridiculed,
and shunned me and suddenly everything I needed to talk about fell under the category of
‘Politics”. Facts didn’t matter. I was shouted at “Hey, No Politics Here”. It’s not even about
politics, it’s about Saving America, it’s about Taking Back America, but most of all it’s Loving this
Country so much that We The People are ready to do everything we can to not lose our

So, I would be shut down, I’d be red in the face, stunned that I had no credibility with the very
people surrounding me. My heart was breaking over medical mandates that made no sense.
Regular citizens were forced to wear masks while the elite were constantly ignoring their own
mandates. Now they mandate vaccines. What is next? I needed my friends to hear what I had
learned but no one wanted to talk ‘Politics’. So, I stopped seeing my old friends.
Then suddenly, as God must have intended, new people came into my life to fill this void. We
started getting together on a regular basis. We held regular meetings that were well attended,
sometimes 6 people, sometimes 20. Every meeting was full of new information to discuss and,
more importantly, what ACTION can we take?

This new group of friends have become the leaders of the Illinois Freedom Alliance, first as
Political Action Committee, now as a 501c4, and I am the Chairman. We decided to form the
Illinois Freedom Alliance with the specific intent to make the connections between politics and
current events. We offer Freedom Groups a platform by planning Townhall, providing fliers and
mailings to PCs and we strive to identify politicians who are intent on working for US. We believe that by finding candidates for office that stand up proudly for our core principals, we
can make a difference. We connect with all the Freedom Groups in our State to share
resources, gather together in prayer, share a meal, and take action in a coordinated and
smooth march.

We simply cannot SHUT UP ABOUT POLITICS. Our basic liberties are being ripped away from us
BY POLITICIANS as we kick back in our recliners shouting “Someone! Do something!”

We are ADAMENT that we CANNOT give our power to a Government that is not OF
WE THE PEOPLE. PCs decide who is on the ballot. PCs comb their communities
making sure everyone is well informed of candidate positions. PCs register people to
vote and hold event’s like this in their precincts. PCs determine who sits on the board of
the your County GOP Central Committee. Our vacant PC positions must be filled with
true Patriots that love our country and who are committed to leading citizens in their
precincts to become action orientated, active citizens fighting against communism.

The Illinois Freedom Alliance was originally structured with the exact Organization
structure and committee structure as our County GOP Central Committee. Our bi-laws
were the same. However, we worked harder. We welcome citizens to our organization
and we have no other goal than to be an example of what a well run Central Committee
can do.

So I ask you, Are you OK with medical mandates, election fraud and government
overreach? Or, do you want to do something to stop all? What are your talents? How
can your talents help your community reach goals? Please follow the Illinois Freedom
Alliance on Fakebook and Telegram. Our website, by the same name, is up and
running. What do you need? How can we help? If you have a problem in your
community, I can guarantee that others have the same issues in their community. We
are now a united front. We will no longer tell someone to SHUT UP ABOUT POLITICS
when POLITICs are being weaponized against us.

I hope that you hear my story and are inspired to tackle problems head on. I hope you
know that you are not alone. I hope that you make new friends along the way. And I hope that you know that this is a battle between good and evil. And most importantly, I hope you know that God wins.

Illinois Freedom Alliance

We are an “alliance” of concerned citizens from all walks of life and backgrounds. And our goal is to steer this country in the right direction. This country was founded by our forefathers, and we will never forget the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

Office: 309-377-1776
1529 – 46th Ave, Suite 6, Moline, IL

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer

This year Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is up for the President’s National Medal for Technology & Innovation.
The National Medal of Technology and Innovation (NMTI) is the nation’s highest honor for technological achievement, bestowed by the president of the United States on America’s leading innovators. The medal is awarded to individuals, teams (up to four individuals), companies or divisions of companies for their outstanding contributions to America’s economic,environmental and social well-being. The purpose of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation is to recognize those who have made lasting contributions to America’s competitiveness, standard of living, and quality of life through technological innovation, and to recognize those who have made substantial contributions to strengthening the nation’s technological workforce.
Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Laureate Medal Winner and Award-Winning Inventor: (First Generation German Jewish American – Hebrew: pnin’) also known as, Jovan or J Hutton Pulitzer (birth name Jeffry Jovan Philyaw), is a highly active technology start-up founder, best known for creating and patenting :CRQ (See Our Cue -Q Code Platform for Scan Commerce and Scan to Connect) has founded companies have included seed investment rounds ranging from $1.6m to over $250m with companies supported and funded by Dreamit Ventures, and Microventures to name a few lead investors. Currently actively involved in Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Health Care, Mobile Health Care, Engagement Technologies and Data Analytics industry. Pulitzer has also created numerous product companies that have generated over a billion dollars in consumer sales. His patents are known to grant fast and Pulitzer is regularly one of the top inventors month to month in the United States.
Pulitzer’s patents have been licensed to more than 330 companies, ranging from early-stage firms to Fortune 100 Industry Leaders such as eBay, IBM, AOL, Cisco, Google, Walgreen Co, TiVo Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.; Crate & Barrel Holdings, Inc.; F5 Networks, Inc.; Quick Logic Corporation; Rackspace Hosting, Inc.; Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.; Zynga Inc., Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Avaya Inc., Ericsson AB, MobiTV, Inc., Nikon Corporation, Pioneer Corporation, NEC Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., Novell, Inc.; Leap Wireless International Inc.; Barnes & Noble, Inc., Broadcom Corporation, Qualcomm Incorporated, Intel Corporation, Sony Corporation, HTC Corporation, LG Electronics Inc., Nokia Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Best Buy Co, Inc., Fujitsu Limited, Intuit Inc., and Juniper Networks, Inc.
Winner of the 2001 Smithsonian Laureate Medal for “Most Likely To Change Society”
Pulitzer and his technology won the 2001 Smithsonian Laureate Medal for “Most Likely to Change Society”. As part of winning the Smithsonian Award, the Pulitzer Patents and history of their development are part of Case Studies in 140 Universities and Museums, such as Brown University, Duke University, Yale University, Princeton University, Harvard University, and Helsinki University of Technology.


Audio – Radio Program Archives – www.Soundcloud.com/JovanHuttonPulitzer
Video – Program Archives – www.Rumble.com/JovanHuttonPuliter

Greg Quinlan

Gregory Quinlan left the homosexual lifestyle in 1992. Greg was a gay activist for 10 years lobbying in Washington DC & Ohio for the homosexual agenda. As an LPN and then Registered Nurse he watched over 100 of his friends and acquaintances die of AIDS. He has shared his testimony on the 700 Club, TBN, countless radio programs and has been quoted in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, WorldNet Daily among others. He has a compelling testimony of leaving homosexuality and boldly stands in the public square proclaiming that “Homosexuality doesn’t have to last a lifetime, Ex-Gays prove change is possible.” In February 2016 Greg’s testimony is featured in Charisma Magazine and in the 2015 video Light Wins.

Currently, Greg Quinlan is a minister and has been passionately debating the gay and anti-family and traditional marriage in 27 states including the district of Columbia.

Greg Quinlan is founder of the Pro-Family Network, was president of PFOX (Parents and families of Ex-Gays) and President of Equality & Justic for All). During the last 8 years, Quinlan worked as Director of clergy & governmental affairs for the New Jersey Family Policy Council.

He is co-founder of the NJ Living Free Ministries of NJ, where he assists those seeking to leave the homosexual lifestyle and offers support for families and friends who have been affected. Reverend Quinlan is a licensed minister with Solid Rock International church, and today he serves in Mountaintop Church Assembly of God in Mt. Olive, NJ where he is minister of visitation and where most recently is pursuing his credentials with the Assembly of God.

Mr. Quinlan has more than 35 years of experience of lobbying and governmental matters, and is a fiercely proponent fighting for the natural family since 1992. Gregory now seeks to serve the Lord through the Center of Garden State Families.



Angela Reading

Amidst the unpredictability of life’s journey, I find my foundation in being a mother, wife, daughter, and friend. These roles are my steadfast anchor in chaos and the driving force behind my advocacy for positive change, the rights of every American, and the safety and well-being of our children.

Dedicated to public education for over a decade, I’ve worn many hats—teacher, administrator, and member of both county and regional school boards. Armed with a law degree, a master’s in educational leadership, and numerous certifications, I have been privileged to experience a myriad of opportunities for leadership and learning. A defining element of my journey has been my fervent advocacy for the rights of children and their families, championing their voices in the pivotal conversations that shape their educational journeys.

I often perceive my story as a simple one—a concerned mom who took to Facebook to voice worries about her children’s exposure to inappropriate content. However, this small ripple created waves, placing me at the forefront of a fight for First Amendment rights and parental voice in the public education system. I have encountered the chill of government censorship and am now stepping into the legal battleground to ensure our protected speech remains free from unwarranted suppression.

Articles & Fox Clip: 





My Blog:


Thomas Renz

Defender of Freedom.

Thomas Renz is a prominent American Attorney, Political Commentator, Educator, Advocate, Businessman & Patriot.  Tom has gained national attention for his work challenging pandemic-related policies and vaccine mandates, and advocating for individual liberties, medical freedom, and informed choice.  Renz’s legal expertise and relentless advocacy have established him as a leading voice in the fight for our Freedoms.


James Rosenberger

James Rosenberger Bio

Born on June 15, 1955 in Staten Island, New York. I am married to Carol DiPaolo. We have 4 adult children as a blended family and 7 grandchildren. I resided in New Jersey for a period of time before relocating to Marco Island and Naples, Florida after retirement.

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from Brooklyn College, I entered the New York City Fire Department in 1978. Worked in several Brooklyn firehouses and was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Manhattan. I rose to the rank of Captain. During my tenure as Captain, responded to the World Trade Center on 9-11-01. I retired after 25 years of service.

In conjunction with my career in the FDNY, I established several businesses in the following fields, construction, pest control, and residential real estate. Aside from my work career, I am an avid car enthusiast belonging to several Porsche clubs.

My initiation into the political arena, fighting for freedom, began with my disbelief of the results of the 2020 Presidential election along with the COVID unlawful mandates and restrictions. Protecting the 2nd Amendment would be my first foray. My mission was to obtain an ordinance from our County Commissioners called the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act. (SAPA). Unfortunately, due to Florida Statute 790.33, it was unable to move forward.

The Bill of Rights Sanctuary Ordinance was, henceforth, created in order to capture the 2nd Amendment along with our other Constitutional Rights. Our first attempt to have the ordinance passed was compromised by the Commissioners granting a Resolution by a vote of 3-2. In August 2023 the Bill of Rights Sanctuary County Ordinance was passed in a 4-1 vote in favor of the bill. Collier would be the first county in Florida to do so.

I am now currently collecting names on a petition to support the right to life. It would ban abortion except under certain life-threatening situations in the state of Florida. The petition if successful will get this issue on the 2024 ballot.

Contact info: geminiproperty55@aol.com
Cell: 908-670-0607

Kathleen Ruddy MD

My first medical freedom fight occurred during the second year of my surgical
residency when I took on U.S. Surgical and Ethicon Endosurgery (a subsidiary of
Johnson & Johnson) over the hazards of their titanium surgical clips, used
routinely in all kinds of operations. I observed with horror of what everyone else saw
but shrugged off as something we surgeons, and patients, just had to live with: the
surgical clips made by these companies often just fell off the structures to which
they were meant to remain fixed. The consequences, as I learned one day when a
new admission rolled into the surgical ICU where I was then in charge, could be
catastrophic: bleeding, post-operative complications, death. Against all advice,
including that of the Chairman of the Department of Surgery where I was training, I
hired a mechanical engineer, designed a surgical clip that would not fall off,
designed a device to remove the clip safely in the event it was placed incorrectly,
had the new clip (the Ruddy Clip) patented and approved by the FDA for use in
humans – in less than two years. I presented my Ruddy Clip to the surgical faculty
when I became Chief Resident, and was roundly applauded and congratulated.

My next medical freedom fight took place during the time I spent at McGill
University completing the first International Masters for Health Leadership
program (2006-2008.) I learned that a breast cancer virus had been discovered by
Dr. John Bittner in 1936, and that subsequent researchers (including many at the
National Cancer Institute) had shown to exist in a large portion of women with
breast cancer. And yet, as the first Breast Fellow on the Surgical Oncology Service
at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, I had never heard a doctor mention or
discuss this breast cancer virus. Immediately after I completed the Masters
program at McGill University, I created the world’s first breast cancer foundation
dedicated to discovering the causes of breast cancer and using that knowledge to
prevent the disease. I placed answering the question, Does a virus cause breast
cancer in women, the first priority. I wrote a book on this subject, “The End of
Breast Cancer: A Virus and the Hope for a Vaccine,” which was published by
Skyhorse Publishing (2015.) Today, we are 90% certain that this virus plays a role
in up to 94% of all cases of breast cancer, with or without a BRCA mutation playing
a role.

Medical freedom fighting took an unexpected turn when I discovered in 2019 that
Governor Phil Murphy (R-NJ) was supporting a bill that would require all doctors
like myself who were licensed in the state of NJ to perform abortions regardless of
their conscientious or religious objection. A few months later, the Supreme Court
agreed to hear the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Institute abortion case,
which some hoped might over rule the Roe decision. Immediately, I conceived of three arguments why the Dobbs decision should prevail over the prior Roe
decision, and I wrote a book putting forth my arguments, The Viability of Roe. The
book made its way into the hands of the Supreme Court justices and became part
of an amicus brief in the Dobbs case. I was thrilled to see one of my arguments –
concerning the issue of the viability of the fetus – cited in the first draft and final
decision in the Dobbs case, which over ruled the Roe decision and threw the
legality of abortion back to the states for further deliberation.

And then COVID broke out. Based on my experiences at McGill University where I
worked with colleagues who’d managed the first SARS CoV-1 outbreak in Toronto,
and as a result of serving on the Leadership Council of the Harvard School of
Public Health during the ebola outbreak in west Africa more than a decade ago, I
was familiar with viruses, contagious diseases, international healthcare responses
to crises, the nature of the spread of respiratory contagion, and the utter failure of
prior scientists to make a safe and effective vaccine against a SARS coronavirus. I
pushed back against the reckless rollout of the COVID mRNA vaccines, the
vaccine mandates, and the systematic institutional obstruction of the use of
ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID.

My experience treating COVID patients with ivermectin – all with excellent results
and no untoward effects – led me to study ivermectin more thoroughly. I
discovered two decades of laboratory research that strongly suggested ivermectin
held great potential in the treatment of cancer. What in the name of all that is good
and holy is going on, I asked myself. A virus causes breast cancer in women, and
ivermectin is a potentially powerful cancer treatment, and nothing is being done to
push these questions forward toward answers and solutions? Time for the
equivalent of another ‘Ruddy Clip’.

And now for the freedom fight of my life: I have recently launched the country’s
first observational, longitudinal study (the Alpha Study) to evaluate the efficacy of
ivermectin and other FDA-approved repurposed drugs to improve the survival of
patients with Stage III unresectable cancer and patients with Stage IV cancer. Early
anecdotal reports from around the world are very promising, but only a properly
designed and appropriately executed scientific study will answer the many
questions that have been raised about the efficacy of ivermectin in the treatment
of all kinds of cancer.

For more information about the Alpha Study, please contact me at

Murray Sabrin

Dr. Murray Sabrin

Murray Sabrin arrived in America from West Germany at the age of two with his parents and older brother on August 6, 1949. His parents were the only members of their respective families to survive the Holocaust in Poland.  The Sabrin family moved from the Lower East Side of Manhattan to the Bronx in 1953, where Murray attended public schools. In 1968 he married Florence, and in 1977 they moved to New Jersey, where they have lived until 2021 when they retired to Florida.

Sabrin became a U.S. citizen in 1959 at age 12 and graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 1964. He has a B.A. in history, geography and social studies education from Hunter College, an M.A. in social studies education from Lehman College and a Ph.D. in economic geography from Rutgers University. Sabrin is only two individuals who had the honor of having the late Austrian School economist, historian, and philosopher Murray N. Rothbard serve as a member of his dissertation committee.  His dissertation, “The Spatial Incidence of Inflation in the United States 1967-1971:  An Economic-Geographic Perspective,” was reviewed by a University of Chicago professor who stated, “You are to be congratulated on the theoretical and critical depth of your thesis.”  

After working as a staff economist, investment analyst, and real estate sales associate, Dr. Sabrin joined the faculty of the Anisfield school of Business of Ramapo College of New Jersey in 1985 and retired on July 1, 2020 as Professor of Finance.  Over his career he taught several courses including Corporate Finance, Securities & Investments and Financial History of the United States.  On January 25th 2021, the Board of Trustees awarded Dr. Sabrin Emeritus status for his scholarship and professional contributions during his 35 year career.

In 2007 Murray and his wife made a gift to Ramapo College to establish the Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise in the Anisfield School of Business (www.ramapo.edu/sabrincenter), and made a contribution in 2021 to establish the Sabrin Center resource room in the new Peter F. Mercer Learning Commons.

Dr. Sabrin is considered a “public intellectual” for writing essays about the economy for The Record, Star Ledger, Trenton Times, and the Asbury Park Press. His essays have also appeared in Commerce Magazine, Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business, and Privatization Review among other scholarly and popular publications.

In his book, Universal Medical Care: From Conception to End-of-Life: The Case for a Single Payer System, Sabrin’s vision for medical care is the individual or family being the single payer to restore the doctor-patient relationship.  Sabrin is the author of Tax Free 2000:  The Rebirth of American Liberty, a blueprint on how to create a tax-free America in the 21st century, and Why the Federal Reserve Sucks:  It Causes, Inflation, Recessions, Bubbles and Enriches the One Percent, which is available on Amazon.   

Sabrin’s most recent books are Navigating the Boom-Bust Cycle and The Finance of Healthcare, both published by Business Experts Press.  His memoir, From Immigrant to Public Intellectual: An American Story, was published late 2022.  His books are profiled at the CONK bookstore, https://conk.com/bookstore/.

Sabrin frequently comments on the economy and politics at murraysabrin.substack.com.

In 1997 Sabrin was the New Jersey Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor and made political history, when he raised sufficient funds to participate in the state’s matching fund program, which required him to participate in three debates with the two major party candidates.  He also has sought the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Since Sabrin retired, he has been interviewed on scores of local, regional, and national radio and television shows as well as dozens of podcasts providing free market solutions to healthcare, education, and social services.  He also has been offered libertarian solutions to the national debt, immigration, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  Sabrin also has been a passionate critic of America’s interventionist foreign policy.

Louise Salomon

Tyranny is a cancer, left unchecked, will take-out any healthy, productive, and prosperous culture. Human nature is what it is and unfortunately most humans are reactive, not proactive.  They are in a comfort zone.  The mind-set for most, I fear, is that all the freedom and liberties we have and had would always be there. Fear controls and we must never be fearful. Mind control may start almost inconsequentially with great subtlety and gains strength to be outright obvious as is with the sad state of our union today.  Our government officials and corporations have mostly become monarchs aka as globalists (the modern day word) and we are now in a war of good versus evil. They are there to destroy “The American Dream” which gave Americans such as my parents and myself a chance to have a “taste of success”.

Having an insurance and financial sales and business background and being a child of Holocaust parents has helped me understand a few things as follows:

1). We must always be a little uncomfortable, or not in a comfort zone, in our daily life so we do not become complacent.   

2). Do not take anything for granted.  Freedom and Liberty are not guaranteed.  They are not indelible.

3). Tolerate a little conflict.  It is healthy on a daily basis to keep us on top of our game.  It is good to have a razor edge cultivated when you need it.

My greatest fears are:

1). Despite all the work all the Patriots are doing to activate the liberals and moderates, it will not wake-up “We The People” in time to take back what is ours.  “Time Is Of The Essence.”

2). The Republican establishment will continue to focus only on fundraising and power, not realizing they too will be sucked-up by the evil empire of globalists!!

“Many hands make light work”, so let’s get to work!!

Most Respectfully,

Louise Salomon




Dan Schultz

Thank you, Steve Kobrin, for including me in the Gallery of Freedom Fighters. Your Gallery will inspire other budding American Freedom Fighters to get involved where and how it matters by educating them about the political war (politics has been called an extension of war, by other, peaceful, means) we currently are engaged in, whether we like it or not. My message, in my (deliberately) short, concise, and inexpensive book, in my daily podcasts, and at my site, www.PrecinctStrategy.com, consists, simply, of this: The Founders and Framers told us by the first three words in the Preamble of the Constitution that “We the People” ordained and established the Constitution and that it was designed in such a way that its survival and implementation was dependent upon “We the People” electing the best possible people to follow and enforce it, at all levels of government, as it is our supreme Law of the Land. I aim to have Americans rediscover, or discover for the first time, that they CAN help preserve and protect their liberties by working together, a few hours a month, by organizing and uniting politically where they live. And that we must do so if our Republic shall survive for our posterity. Thank you again for including me in the Gallery of Freedom Fighters. It will help inspire other Americans to begin the vital task of further carrying out their civic duty to participate in our civic affairs beyond voting, and I believe all should give the Precinct Committeeman Strategy, as I explain, a try.

For Liberty,
Dan Schultz


Kristin Sinclair

For such a time as this….

I am haunted by these words. In February 2020, I saw it coming. The virus would come our way, there was no stopping it. I was still on targeted chemotherapy (Kadcyla), and also still working, even attending Court in Bergen County as late as February 14, 2020. But there was already an air of paranoia. People were panicking long before the lockdown. I was preparing emails and instructions for the office in anticipation of the lockdown. The weekend prior to March 13, 2020, I went to dinner with my husband at a local steakhouse with the best salad bar in town, intentionally enjoying the shared hunks of cheese touched by strangers. I gleefully attended the kids’ indoor soccer game that Sunday in March, before it all came crumbling down. I knew that by the next weekend, all the fun would be done.

I knew when school closed through Spring Break, that there would be no return before September 2020. I signed my boys up for private, mask-free daycare in July 2020, where they have attended without incident or illness. They have lived normally, safely, in the care and companionship of teachers and friends willing to hug, kiss, comfort, wrestle and play as intended.

We played the hybrid school game in September. We toned down some activities again in December/January 2021, but still saw our friends and family. The vaccine came, but the country’s paranoid behaviors and planning just wouldn’t abate, particularly in the upcoming plans for school in Spring and Fall 2021. I began to research and connect with like-minded parents across the country, exchanging thoughts, but laying low amidst the desperate race to vaccinate our State. It wasn’t the right time for demands.

By February 2021, I felt the call and the desire to help others shed their depression and anxiety that mirrored the feelings experienced at initial diagnosis I experienced in the cancer treatment process. My grandmother, Esther, was wallowing away in the solitary confinement of life in a nursing home. In my distress of observing society’s inability to shrug off the paranoia and zombie-like subsistence behaviors, I shared my woes with a co-worker and mentor of mine. Lew, both a lawyer and former Rabbi, handed me a print-out from the Old Testament, an excerpt from the Book of Esther, Chapter 4. In particular, verses 12-16 called to me:

                   “When Esther’s words were reported to Mordecai, he sent back this answer: ‘Do not think that because you are in the king’s house you alone of all the Jews will escape. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Then Esther sent this reply…I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.”

The words struck me. I was safely in a bubble of enjoying the privilege of private daycare, and only minimal mask-wearing for my one son, but how long before King Murphy came for my safe space?

The time was coming for me to end my silence, for me to be the voice for my sons, and for others without the same luxury of normalcy that I had purchased for my boys in private care. In March 2021, on the one-year anniversary of “15 days to slow the spread” arrived, life was no closer to normal and I knew in my heart that I could not trust the government to make the right decisions for the children of our State.

On March 13, 2021, I wrote my sons a letter in the journal I keep for them to read as adults someday, after I am gone.

    “Dear Brody & Carson,

Well, happy 15 days to slow the spread-the one year anniversary.

Sometimes in life, you have to choose between obedience to civil law, or adherence to moral code. Choose the moral code, try to follow the civil law. When it becomes oppressive to follow hypocrites espousing arbitrary and capricious civil obedience rules that violate your Constitutional Rights, then it is your God-given duty to object, withdraw consent, dissent and deny compliance.

Do so peacefully, respectfully, and in good time. You don’t have to be the first horse out of the barn.

Learn the law. Civil & moral.

      Love, Mama

It’s time, folks. Horses are already out of the barn. The time is upon us all to unite and to withdraw consent, dissent, object, deny compliance. Find your way and your words. If you stay silent at such a time as this, then you may as well just turn in your Constitution. You won’t need it if you are too afraid to exercise its protections in such a time as this.

The data and science are on our side. Now, you must be on the side of the children. Be their voice, protect their health. THAT is your right and duty. You do not owe the world protection from an ever-changing politicized narrative of a virus that is not statistically significant in the population being punished-school children. 


Go to the School Board, the Department of Health, the Department of Education, the Legislature, the Governor, any body of authority and DEMAND the health and wellness rights of your children. That is your sole civil duty. 

We stand together. No horses back in the barn this year. Get off the bench and join the team for freedom. 


Stephen Stern

It takes an Army to change the country back to the way it was!

My inspiration:

Tom Homan, ICE Director, who worked for 5 Presidents.  Closed the border.

General Michael Flynn, giving up his life to save our country. 

And President Trump – the only person that can save the country.

Get off the couch and go into action.  60 million are waiting in the wings to get involved! So action action action!!!



Nik Stouffer

“Schools are supposed to help children feel safe, not afraid.”

I can’t answer “Why” without asking you, “Why not?” 

Are your kids not important enough? Do you not care about the type of world you will leave for your children?  Do you expect your kids to have the fortitude to fight for what’s right when you never game them the example? Or is that you have a fear of social ostracism? Afraid to take risks? Fear of failure?

Forget all that. Come join me in the fight. Be brave. Be bold. Speak your mind. Speak with conviction.

It doesn’t matter what I’ve done or what I’ve accomplished, it matters that you join me to make life better for your children. You’ve got this.


Michele Swinick

The Host of The Save My Freedom Movement & the Save My Freedom with Michele Swinick TV show on Brighteon.TV – Fridays @ 7pm ET. She’s Exposing the corruption to Take Back Arizona & America while Rounding Up the Warriors and Everyone who wants to become one – a Take Action Army to win the Spiritual & Ground Game Battle.

When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” – Judges 6:12

We The People are the real White Hats and “All Political Power is Inherent in the People” (AZ Constitution). I’m preaching that message every time I’m on a microphone or talking to a single person. We hold all the power to Take Back our Personal, Professional Freedoms + Our Country & Souls! We just need to Stand Up, Speak Up & Show Up.

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Michele Swinick

Pritish Vora

The Covid-19 official narrative of “safe and effective” vaccines was one of the biggest recent frauds perpetrated against humanity.

The role of an Amicus Curiae (Latin for “friend of the Court”) allows any person (even a non-attorney such as myself) to provide facts that warrant judicial notice to a federal judge, and to supplement the efforts of counsel.

I was able to observe objectively “The Purge” happening to the brave men and women of the U.S Armed Forces, who were systematically being reprimanded and even discharged, regardless of rank, simply for refusing an experimental drug.

With litigation pending in various Federal Courts, I felt compelled to gather documents in the public domain, mainly from the governments’ own websites, to show in plain and simple language that NOBODY was either administering or receiving a LICENSED Covid-19 shot. In other words, ALL of them were experimental, which every member of the Armed Forces has the right to refuse, and thus the mandate was based on a sham.

The Amicus Curiae briefs are all a matter of public record, and downloadable from CourtListener.com.

I invite you to review the filings which I have linked below, and listen to the interview.  You will not find this information on mainstream media, because it would destroy the false government narrative.

Robert v Austin (District of Colorado)


Coker v Austin (Northern District of Florida)


Clements v Austin (District of South Carolina)


Wilson v Austin (Eastern District of Texas)


Joe Welsh

Joe Welsh is a bible literate constitutional conservative activist, father, ice creamer, hymn writer and a hard to kill waterman. As a  precinct delegate for several cycles, Joe eventually became involved with precinctstrategy.com and recruited a team of recruiters who reshaped their local GOP into a team of Michigan First Constitutional Conservatives. Joe was also a core member of the Unity4mrp.com team that implemented the safest, most transparent election process in Michigan State GOP history. 


Robert West

Headed back from work I heard about the lock-downs on the radio and almost cried with rage and disappointment. After spending 50+ years doing what I was supposed to do my state, Texas looked as if the socialist had invaded and won. The churches were closed, the private businesses were closed, public meetings were outlawed and the courts were largely closed. Citizens were not being treated equally under the law as we had been divided into “essential” and “non-essential” according to the will of one man, the governor of Texas.

I sat down and tried to figure out how we had gotten to this point. It was not due to a lack of voting or the “wrong” party being in power. This was 49 out of 50 state governors acting as tyrants. For those that object, tyrant is merely an official that claims powers not granted them.

I came up with career politicians of both flavors being the root cause and set my mind to replacing politicians with patriots. I wrote a book and toured the state sharing the ideas. I endorsed some 40 candidates and did all I could to get them elected, I set about filling some 1,500 precinct chairs after finding out almost half were empty.

I now focus on filling precinct chairs and finding volunteers to run against the establishment precinct chairs, the cowards and cronies that want to make sure we never hold our elected accountable.
If you are asking “What can I do?” then “The Five Star Plan” has your answer and if you think the problems are too complex, then “The Five Star Plan 2024” will show you they are not.

Robert West
The Five Star Plan

Pastor Ed Wheeler

“I am a 75 year old born again believer in and follower of Jesus the Son of God and the Lord of Glory.  I am also an American who spent over 20 years of my life in Asia where I observed how most people live today in bondage as they have lived throughout history.  My time there taught me to appreciate the very unusual degree of blessing and freedom we enjoy as Americans.  

I am also an electrical engineer (Johns Hopkins, 1971).  When I returned to the USA (1996) after spending decades away I was very concerned about the spiritual and moral drift of our country.  This concern only intensified in recent years.  I have retired from secular employment although I am the pastor of a local church.  I have had more time to analyze our great country from a systems and system malfunction perspective.  I have grown in appreciation for our Declaration of Independence as the authoritative expression of our principles and values as a nation.  Likewise, I have grown in appreciation for the US Constitution as the institutional rule book for protecting the principles and values of the Declaration.  Simultaneously I have learned much about the relentless assault on the American system by International Socialists for the past century plus.  In 2021, I developed a seminar outline that teaches by contrast both Americanism and Marxism.  I have conducted this free one-day discussion-based course about 15 times.  My goal is to conduct this at least once in every county in Vermont.  

I am working and praying that more Americans will wake up and realize what is happening.  Christians in particular, are stricken by laziness, ignorance and cowardice.  I blame much of the decline of this country on the Bible schools and seminaries that have failed to make the teaching of biblical citizenship a key component of ministry.”

Jim Womack

North Carolina Election Integrity Team -President


Chris Worrell

J6 Political Prisoner

Sam Anthony

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Jonathan Zachreson

Founder of Reopen California Schools

Jonathan led a statewide effort to reopen schools and provide normalcy for students and teachers. His efforts helped Roseville’s schools lead in California. Jonathan’s passion for improving public education also led him to form a non-profit which advocates for student-first policies. He continues to be on the front lines for the rest of California’s nearly six million K-12 students.