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Going Viral: Dr. Peter McCullough Joins Joe Rogan – Says Medical Elites “Purposely Suppressed Treatments” in Order to Force Mass Vaccinations

On Monday, Dr. Peter McCullough sat down for a lengthy discussion about Covid-19 on Joe Rogan’s extremely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Just like he did last week when he appeared on Brett Weinstein’s DarkHorse Podcast, McCullough took aim directly at the federal government and the medical elites for their massive role in the manufactured Covid-19 pandemic.

During the conversation with Rogan, the world-renowned cardiologist dropped yet another bombshell claim, which he says is thoroughly backed up by the evidence. According to McCullough, the Covid-19 pandemic was premeditated by public health officials working in tandem with medical elites, and the evidence for this had been made clear well before the first reports of a Covid outbreak in late 2019. In order to promote mass adoption of the experimental vaccine, McCullough says health officials purposefully suppressed treatments and refrained from compiling a treatment protocol to combat the virus, in hopes that people would be so afraid that they would just take the jab.

In addition to citing severalsourcetexts that have compiled a timeline of the events that led to the Wu-flu outbreak, McCullough also spoke about a pandemic planning seminar that was held at Johns Hopkins University in 2017. The group of public health researchers looked at a ‘hypothetical’ virus outbreak that was named SPARS, which was also supposed to be a coronavirus that is related to SARS and MERS (just like Covid-19 is).

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