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Got MilQ? Fake Milk to Replace Dairy and Breast Milk

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked December 22, 2022


The globalist technocrats are intent on monopolizing the entire food supply. They already
have a monopoly on grains and have made headway in genetically engineered (GE)
seafood. The next targets include lab-grown meats and dairy substitutes

 Biomilq, made from cultured breast tissue, will be marketed as a breast milk substitute
The company Helaina is working on creating glycoproteins “identical to those found in
breast milk.” Those proteins can then be added to a variety of infant formulas, seniors’
nutrition and, eventually, all sorts of foods

The justification for creating synthetic milk substitutes is, of course, preventing and
reversing “climate change.” That’s the justification used to sell virtually all fake foods. In
reality, however, they will perpetuate and worsen adverse effects on the environment

Lab-created foods are ultraprocessed and therefore qualify as junk food. Fake meat and
dairy cannot replace the complex mix of nutrients found in grass fed beef and dairy, and
it’s likely that consuming ultraprocessed meat and milk alternatives may lead to many of
the same health issues that are caused by a processed food diet

The starting ingredients in fermented synthetic biology products are cheap sugars
derived from GE corn and soy. All GE crops are grown in environmentally destructive
monocultures, and use loads of herbicides such as glyphosate, pesticides like
neonicotinoids and synthetic fertilizers. As a result, they’re loaded with chemical
residues that end up in the final product

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