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Here is the bottom line from this Moderna presentation, as I see it:

The mRNA technology used in their flu shot causes an unacceptable number of adverse events;

Their “vaccine” uses the same technology;

So now we know why so many people are getting killed and injured by the shot: it’s the technology itself, and not just the spike proteins.

Thank you for your admission, Moderna. I am sure investors will continue to let you know what they think of your product.

This is the real bombshell! Note that the dose for Moderna’s COVID-19 jab is 100 micrograms, so focus on that column when comparing to placebo- 92% of patients >= 50 years old had adverse events, compared to 33% in the placebo.  Even in 18 – 50 year olds – who really have no reason to be vaccinated against COVID-19 with these products- the data show a 90.5% adverse event rate compared to 30% in placebo treated patients.  This does not look good.  What we can infer from this is that the adverse event profile for the mRNA COVID-19 jabs that has so many of us (including myself!) alarmed is not just due to the Spike protein, but a significant proportion of the risk seems to be due to the artificial pseudouridine-containing mRNA combined with the novel synthetic cationic lipid (positively charged synthetic fat carrier molecule). 

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