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Here Is What They Won’t Tell Children About Trans Surgery: No Ejaculations, No Typical Climax, Excretions from Skene’s Glands, Bizarre-Looking Penis, Very Atypical Orgasms

Recent medical journals desperately attempt to normalize sterilizing and transitioning minor children. Major US corporations are doing everything they can to promote the sexual mutilation of children and adults. Promoting trans celebrities is the latest trend in the advertising world. Even US Army bases are promoting books that support transitioning as if this is essential for a functioning military.
Questioning the procedures can result in losing your social media, friends, or even career.
But why are the elites not telling the truth about these sterilizing procedures?
Why are they not telling children they WILL NEVER have a classic orgasm, one of the great joys of life? Why do they conveniently gloss over this fact?

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