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How can we conduct business with a war going on?

It seems like everywhere we turn, something bad is happening. The economy is in an uproar. Employers are getting hit with problems of every kind. Consumers are worn out. Our very nation as a whole seems to be under attack.

And that exactly is the problem: we are under attack.

Granted, bombs aren’t dropping. Enemy soldiers aren’t in our streets. Congress hasn’t officially declared war.

But war it is. And every American institution is a battlefront. From our local school board meetings, to state elections, to Congressional hearings, citizens are fighting for our rights.

The Constitution, the rule of law, and our trust in the government, are all in jeopardy.

Some bad guys really want to create havoc in our country.

And this makes it really hard to conduct business.

Doing business in peacetime is easy. We can have normal expectations; follow standard protocols. There is a sense of stability. You can plan, and act accordingly.

Not so during a war. It’s not easy to make decisions when the walls around you are crumbling, so to speak. (And for those of us who live where municipal officials are letting criminals destroy our neighborhoods, the walls are literally coming down. Tragic, and shameful.)

Yet the American spirit is that the “show must go on.” Business is our business. That’s what we do: we create growth and prosperity out of the worst conditions.

Today really is no different. This war on America is full of opportunities for patriots to connect. To align. To unify around the cause of defending our freedoms.

This is the best type of networking: people coming together for the benefit of our country. Not only will we work to save our institutions, but we will form the bonds that lead to really good deals… jobs… ventures.

People still need to work. To earn money. Support their family. Build their business. Become self-sufficient. Make a better world for their children.

None of this has to change. Now is the time to hold faster to that mission than ever before. And it’s entirely possible to do that, because we have millions of other patriots to help us.

Patriots uniting with patriots, winning this war to protect our freedoms, and doing business together. I can’t think of a better way to preserve the American Way.

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