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How many people were killed by the use of Remdesivir and Midazolam + Morphine in the US and UK?

Peter Halligan
Mar 8

Criminal Prosecutions begin for Remdesivir treatments causing death (substack.com)
Which referenced this article by Epoch Times:
‘Uninformed Consent’: 3 California Hospitals Face Lawsuits for Use of ‘Remdesivir Protocol’ Attorneys Allege Led to Wrongful Death (theepochtimes.com)
“Watkins said they filed the lawsuits on the behalf of 14 Fresno-area families who allege that the hospitals engaged in medical deception and failed to provide informed consent in relating the potential side effects, such as kidney failure.”
I cannot find any updates on the trial – maybe it has been settled out of court, maybe it is pending and has failed the “justice delayed, is justice denied” doctrine.
Suffice to say, the Federal government provided massive incentives for the designation and treatment of C19 patients in this way:
· Outpatient average treatment costs = $3,200
· Hospitalized as a complex non-CoVID-19 patient average charge = $111,000
· Hospitalized and treated as a complex CoVID-19 patient (intubation/ICU) average charge = $450,000

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