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Jack Maxey reveals Hunter Biden’s connection to Ukraine biolabs and Wuhan China

LifeSiteNews) — Jack Maxey, former co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room and current member of LifeSite’s Faith & Reason, has revealed a connection between Hunter Biden, the research company Metabiota – which is involved with biolabs in Ukraine – as well as the Wuhan Chinese lab that is responsible for the coronavirus outbreak.
Maxey based his findings on some of the e-mails found in Hunter Biden’s laptop, as well as further research he personally conducted. While Maxey has been talking about these connections for some time, the story has been largely overlooked.

Essentially, in 2005, there was a presidential study done on weapons of mass destruction. It is unclassified, you can find it online. And in the WMD section of it, they have a section on biological and bio agents – be they lab-created, be they weapons of mass destruction, or naturally occurring. And after H1N1, we decided we needed an early warning system to be able to monitor these viruses and biological agents around the world. The recommendation in that document was that we create Special Forces fast teams, we train them up in biological weapons and then we attach to them scientists whom we support academically and whatever else, but it’s going to be an operation completely controlled under the umbrella of U.S. intelligence. Well, like everything else under President [George W.] Bush, they realized that by privatizing it, somebody could get rich. So they created Metabiota. It is sort of like Blackwater, right? And Metabiota is the prime contractor inside all those Ukrainian labs that they now admit that there are 20 some of them.

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