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Life Insurance and Freedom

My passion is freedom. I love God, who created me with free will. I love my country, because it protects my freedom.

And I love the life insurance business. It enables me to help my clients give their families and businesses the financial security required to enjoy those freedoms.

We need money to enjoy our freedom. If your family tragically loses you, they will not be able to enjoy the freedoms our country offers, if they have to worry about putting bread on the table. Or paying off debts. Or paying onerous estate taxes.

Using life insurance to keep them comfortable financially, will enable them to live and grow. To pursue a creative passion. To start a business. To travel; explore. To work on themselves.

Likewise with your business. The proper life insurance plan will secure the proper succession of leadership and ownership in your firm. It will indemnify your company against the loss of key people. It will keep it debt-free.

Your business will be free to expand… enter new markets… invest further in its own growth, both horizontally and vertically. To take full advantage of new opportunities.

In the Land of the Free, money can help us take full advantage of those freedoms. Life insurance will help your family and business do just that, when you are no longer around to provide it..

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