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Manufactured Dystopia — Globalists Won’t Stop HackingHumans

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked November 21, 2022


Digital identity, digital twins, programmable central bank digital currency, a social credit
system, human augmentation and the Internet of Bodies (IoB). These are all part of the
dystopian future being rolled out by the globalist cabal as the “solutions” to the world’s

According to transhumanist propaganda, everyone will benefit from human
augmentation. In reality, transhumanism is a eugenics program, differing in name only

The post-human society envisioned by transhumanists will have no use for billions of
people. Since a vast number of jobs will be eliminated and replaced by robots and
artificial intelligence, the transhumanist plan requires depopulation

A global totalitarian regime will not accept the responsibility to feed, house and provide
universal basic income and health care to billions of people who aren’t useful. The logical
solution is to exterminate the nonproductive and transform the rest into obedient cyborgs
imprisoned within the IoB 5G ecosystem

The depopulation requirement of the transhumanist utopia may be why nations refuse to
address the extraordinary lethality of the COVID jabs

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