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MUST READ: The Anatomy of a Boondoggle – The Green New Deal vs. Family Farms

On a hot summer day in 1988, Dr. James Hansen’s testimony before Congress predicted serious impact for all the biology of a warming planet. Hansen’s testimony is credited in the United States with launching the Global Warming movement—now Climate Change. His dire predictions mobilized governments, academics, and Global Warming entrepreneurs. Just a year earlier, the World Economic Forum (WEF) was born out of it’s environmentally focused roots in the European Management Forum. Climate crisis science, politics, economics and untold billions of dollars have been hurled about the planet ever since. The WEF demonstrated their ability to foster a first world movement to reset the earth’s thermostat.

Larry Fink, keeper of BlackRock’s $10 trillion, has been churning the waters at the WEF, internationally, and in the United States. When the entire European Union, the Global Elites, the WEF, the President of the United States and the Democrat majorities in Congress are all marching in sync and chanting in cadence, that is the sound of a massive transfer of wealth. And in this case, it’s all sunk money. George Soros and Larry Fink own the Democrat Party when it comes to the Green New Deal and Klaus Schwab has their back and the playbook.

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