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No voice = no vote

In this great speech, Frederick Douglass gives the First Amendment the lofty stature it deserves.

As I see it, crimes against humanity start when specific people are deprived of their right to speak their truth. They are disenfranchised from the political system because their opinion does not count. No voice = no vote.

The people who want to control the narrative, are the people who want to control others.


“To suppress free speech is a double wrong.  It violates the right of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.  It is just as criminal to rob a man of his right to speak and hear as it would be to rob him of his money.”  He observed that “When a man is allowed to speak because he is rich and powerful, it aggravates the crime of denying the right to the poor and humble.”  Douglass further explained that “A man’s right to speak does not depend upon where he was born or upon his color.  The simple quality of manhood is the solid basis of the right—and there let it rest forever.”


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