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Pandemic Unmasked: it was never a vaccine

The world has been played by a cleverly crafted narrative, where a genetically engineered agent was dispensed under the guise of a vaccination program. It was never about the science of vaccines, but injecting into people a substance that would alter their genetics. For over three years we have been bombarded with the Science of transmission, infection, pro-vax and anti-vax arguments, studies upon studies on the spike protein, side effects, mandates, restrictions, justifications, freedom of choice narratives, etc..pitting people against each other and costing us endless amounts of time arguing and presenting, “The Science”, when we should have been talking bio-weapons and terrorism; gain of function and lab origins, genetic modification and mind manipulation.
Suddenly, researchers are finding, DNA contamination in the vaccines, as though it were some sort of surprise but gene modification was never an intended side effect of the jab, it was the end goal. Imagine, if the media both alternative and mainstream, had discussed the shot as genetic modification? They would never have been able to “sell” it. It would have been dead in the water from the get go, so they had to have a cover story and the cover story was that it was a vaccine against covid19. There was never any legitimate research that proved that these vaccines stopped transmission, prevented severe illness or were safe.
Vaccine side effects and vaccine injuries is a misnomer. The definition of a vaccine is “a substance used to stimulate immunity to a particular infectious disease or pathogen, typically prepared from an inactivate or weakened form of the causative agent or from its constituents or products.” How about using the words “gene modification effects” or “bioweapon injuries” instead or “vaccine injuries” because you can’t have a side effect or an injury from a substance that was never a vaccine to begin with!!
We need to take control of the narrative and it starts with the words we choose to use. The excess deaths tell the story that we are witnessing a crime against humanity of epic proportions.

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