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Pathologist Sends Covid ‘Vaccine’ Warning: ‘Cancers Are Taking Off Like Wildfire’

“It’s a pattern,” Dr. Cole told reporter Veronika Kyrylenko. “People need to know that there are risks involved. The benefits have to be higher than the risks. We know that these shots are not working – they are failed now. Now that Omikron is here, the shots have completely failed.”

“The shot they still are telling people to get a booster [of] is a spike protein that is toxic to the human body. It causes the same disease as the virus and predisposes people to autoimmune attacks and potentially short-term cancer risks,” the pathologist warned.

After Dr. Cole spoke out about the risks of the covid vaccine, ‘numerous’ oncologists contacted him. The doctors reported they are “seeing the weirdest cancers, and cancers that we have been able to keep in check and treat, taking off like wildfire – going stage 2, stage 3, stage 4, just like that.”

“That’s because of the immune dysregulation that these shots cause,” emphasized Dr. Cole. An immune system that becomes compromised cannot keep in check cancer growth.

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