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Patriots inspire patriots

The is nothing more inspiring than a true American patriot inspiring his children – and his fellow citizens – to serve their country.


“Well, based on what I saw with my eyes (as a first responder on 911) and my family experience with me seeing what I saw, several years later, my son decided to serve our country and attend the service academy and is currently active-duty military. My daughter is in a BSN nursing program to serve our country in the medical field. And my youngest child just got accepted to all three service academies. And she’s going to be attending one starting tomorrow and is going to serve our country. 

So that’s my perspective of the future patriotism of this nation. There are young men and women out there that love this country and want to serve it and give back to the nation before they go out and take what this country has to offer them.”

“What the Fourth of July stands for, our independence as a nation to make us a more perfect union. Get out there, do your part to make America a more perfect union. Correct what you don’t know about this nation. Learn our nation’s history. Take one day, that day to learn one thing about our nation that you didn’t know and teach it to your family, let them teach it. 

And go out and see things through your own eyes. Again, don’t view it on social media or the TV or listen to it on the radio, go out and see America with your own eyes. It’s truly a beautiful country.”

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