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Rabbanim around the world speak up – against the “vaccine”

The decision of whether or not to get the Covid-19 shot, or to give it to one’s child, is one that at least hundreds of millions of people across the globe are grappling with. Citizens’ rights that were once taken for granted in a democratic country are increasingly becoming dependent on carrying the status of “fully vaccinated” (which is bound to continuously evolve). Holding a job, travel, education, worship, entertainment, dining, military service, hospital patient visits, and organ transplants are some of the areas in which we already see vaccine mandates being implemented, and who knows what is yet to come. On the other hand, as more and more information continues to come out about injuries and deaths that possibly resulted from these shots, as well as strong warnings from numerous world- acclaimed experts on potential long-term risks, many are very hesitant and deeply concerned. The predicaments which people find themselves in right now is unfathomable.

As Jews, we know that the Torah is meant to be a guiding light in all areas, and this situation is no exception. There is permission from the Torah for a doctor to heal, but this is in no way a blanket statement granting unlimited authority to a doctor in any way he deems fit. Halacha is full of parameters as to what and how this applies. For example, most people would understand that if a doctor were to tell a pregnant woman that he thinks she should abort her baby, she would probably go ask a Rav if this is in accordance with the Torah and not just do it because her doctor instructed. And the Rav will likely not just say to follow the doctor but hear what the doctor has to say, perhaps ask additional medical opinions, and use his Torah knowledge to assess the right course of action. So, too, when it comes to the Covid shot, there are numerous factors in Torah law that need to be taken into consideration before taking such a step, and just the advice of one’s doctor does not resolve them.

What follows is a compilation of words of numerous Rabbanim from across the world who voiced their opinion on the matter, either in speech or writing. As the sheer volume and scope is too much to put everything on one document, many statements have links attached to access the full version, as well as to the video or audio recordings of those that were said in the form of a public speech. The statements from Rabbanim who say that everyone should get vaccinated are heavily publicized and are already well known to all. What is not as known is that there are a great number of Torah figures from a broad spectrum of Kehillos within Klal Yisroel who have a different opinion. As can be seen below, many of them immersed themselves for hours, weeks, or months, familiarizing themselves with the subject, doing research, listening to medical experts on all sides, gathering testimonies, and then applying their understanding of Torah to draw a conclusion. 

The words of these Rabbanim, Dayanim, and Admorim, do not get any coverage in the established frum media outlets due to the heavy censorship in the world of any voice that goes against the mainstream narrative. Thus being the case, it is no surprise that many are unaware that they exist. What this document aims to do is bring this into the public knowledge. This way even if you already took the shot, when they come for the planned continuous booster shots, or for your children, you will have more information on Torah viewpoints to help weigh in on the subject. You can also show them to other Rabbanim so they can see and evaluate what their colleagues are saying in order to help them draw their own conclusions.

We conclude with the following words written in a letter by Harav Moshe Mordechai Karp, Shlita, Rav, Kiryat Sefer: “And regarding one who has already taken these vaccines; he should not worry, but should only trust in Hashem, for it is only in His hand to aid and heal. And even if one experiences side-effects, one should strengthen in Bitachon and joy in Hashem, and not worry at all, and Hashem protects those who take refuge in Him.

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