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Rasmussen poll shows the COVID vaccines are not safeIt finally happened. Someone other than me surveyed the American people to find out if the vaccine is safe or not. Rasmussen Reports got the same results I did. The vaccine isn’t safe.

Rasmussen polled the American people with a simple four question survey and found that my polls were accurate and so was the V-safe data and so was the Israeli Ministry of Health safety report that nobody wants to see.
The Rasmussen poll of 1,000 Americans found that:
32% were not vaccinated
7% of those surveyed had a major side effect.
A 7% major side effect rate is unprecedented. We know from the V-safe data that this effectively means that the side effect was so bad, they had to seek medical attention. If any drug had that kind of safety profile, it would be immediately pulled from the market. Would you take any drug with that kind of side effect profile? Of course not. It’s off the charts! However, because we are told it is a safe and effective vaccine, people do what they are told despite the lack of safety. That’s how science works.
Note that people who were killed by the vaccine were unable to participate in the survey, so the actual numbers are slightly worse.

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