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Safety signals for 770 different serious adverse events in VAERS were ignored by the CDC

Steve Kirsch

Due to a FOIA request, we now finally know that safety signals for 770 serious adverse events triggered, but the CDC ignored them. Will there be an investigation? I doubt it. The CDC can do no wrong.

Safety signals were generated in the VAERS system for death and 769 other severe adverse events. The CDC ignored all of them based on exactly the same bullshit reason that they used 13 years ago with HPV that is just “over reporting.” But there is no evidence whatsoever there is “over reporting.”
We’ve done direct physician office surveys and nobody is overreporting. In fact, every piece of evidence shows that there are more reports because the vaccine is so dangerous. Look around you at all the “sudden deaths” and the vaccine injured stories and ask yourself, “Is that overreporting”?
In addition, over 500 reports had a larger signal than myocarditis which is an acknowledged signal, so they can’t hide behind an “over reporting” excuse.
They claimed they looked at all the deaths but didn’t find an association with the vaccine. But they never did the proper tests to actually see if there was vaccine involvement in the deaths. They simply looked the other way. Contrast this with the Schwab paper where they found at least 14% of the deaths post-vaccine were likely caused by the vaccine. How can the CDC find 0 in 15,000 deaths? Answer: when those people’s job’s depend upon finding the politically correct answer.
When confronted with the fact that that the death, they gaslit the doctor who asked them about it rather than acknowledging the death safety signal triggered. This was deliberate. This was a top CDC official that responded.

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