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Scientists Discover Covid Vaccine’s ‘Trojan Horse’ Delivery May Lead to Serious Neurological Disorder

A British medical research institute has discovered that the Oxford-developed AstraZeneca vaccine, a jab that uses a ‘trojan horse’ delivery system based on a weakened viral strain, is potentially connected to an uptick in a serious neurological disorder called Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS).

“Like many vaccines, the Oxford jab uses a weakened chimp adenovirus to deliver the coronavirus spike protein into the body, and scientists have speculated that a reaction to adenovirus may be responsible for the rise in cases,” the Telegraph reported. “Adenovirus usually causes the common cold, but scientists are starting to think it may also mimic human cells in a similar way to [the gastroenteritis bug] Campylobacter, confusing the immune system into attacking the body.”

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