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The Creepy ‘Benefit’ of Canada’s Assisted Suicide Program: Live Organs

Now, Canada has one more distinction, and it isn’t exactly a great one. Our neighbors to the north have the honor of being the nation that has harvested the most organs from patients who committed suicide with the help of the government.
The Canadian government passed their MAID (medical assistance in dying) program in 2016. It’s legalized suicide, but even worse than that, MAID is an actual department within the government that will, as the moniker suggests, assist Canadians in ending their lives. They provide the drugs and instructions, Canadians provide the bodies.
It was initially meant to be a program offered to those suffering from debilitating, terminal diseases. The blood of those “patients” has turned that slippery slope into a slip ‘n slide and now anyone who claims to suffer from mental illness or mental distress may apply for MAID in the Great White North. Recently, a disable veteran complained to her veteran affairs department that she was still waiting for a chairlift for her home after years of requests. She simply wanted to get up and down her stairs without pain. The government offered to euthanize her instead.

Naturally, government and medical representatives in Canada promise that MAID will never pressure their patients to offer their organs. It should be noted the Canadian government also poo-pooed the notion that MAID would ever expand beyond those who were physically, terminally ill, with no hope of recovery. Now, the government will send suicide tools to a person who says he/she is depressed.
Add to that slippery slope the medical and financial benefits for the nation in having access to more and more healthy human organs for transplant, and you’ve got a recipe for a terrifying dystopian future…one in which a government begins to push its own undesired citizens towards death for the “greater good.” Canada endures an overwhelmed universal healthcare system. The most infirm are the most costly. Imagine what happens when the government can create a steady flow of healthy organs that can go to the strongest patients, while simultaneously eliminating the “burdens” like the Canadian veteran who had the audacity to ask for a chair lift.

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