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The Dutch Demonic Embryo Act Our government is paving the way for sickening embryonic experimentation in the name of The Science™️

Eva Vlaardingerbroek

So what reasons do they give to want to change the law? Well, you guessed it: ‘‘to update it to the current state of the Science’’.
Aha! THE SCIENCE™️! After the past three years, I can imagine all of your internal alarm bells go off when you hear those word – and they should be. Because our cabinet, led by Mark Rutte’s Neo-Liberal hell party (the VVD) and Sigrid Kaag’s Democratic Party (D66) – adding another 6 would be fitting -, is now looking to make major changes this the Embryo Act, including:
Lifting the ban on the creation of embryos for purposes other than the creation of a pregnancy.
Changing the definition of ‘embryo’ taking into account the development in the field of ‘embryo-like structures’ (ELS) and allowing for two types of experimental human/animal combinations that currently fall outside the scope of the Embryo Act.
Yes, please do read that again.
In other words: our cabinet wants to legalize creating an embryo for purely ‘scientific’ purposes. Aka, they want to make it legal to create life outside of the womb, keep it alive for the sole purpose of experimenting with it and then killing it again after 28 days. And with that life, they want to be able to conduct animal-human crossovers experiments.

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