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The genocidal impact of the Pfizer poison shots in Israel. The testimonies project – the movie-By Ury Weiss

This film, documenting the genocidal impact of the Pfizer poison shots in Israel, was filmed in September 2021 and has now been translated into approximately 15 languages including Japanese, German, Portuguese, Romanian and much more. It was viewed by millions around the world. It was produced by the Civilian Inquiry Committee, headed by Dr. Pinky Feinstein and lawyer Irit Yankovitch. The committee created and owns the huge database of people who have been hurt, or perished, as a result of being coerced, or forced to take the poison shot. At the heart of the investigation lies the premise that Pfizer and the governments of Israel and others knew about the potential lethal aspect of those “vaccines” and nevertheless pushed ahead in order to establish the New World Order reign of totalitarianism and terror as dictated to them by their masters from the “Secret Societies”.

I am doing my small part to inform all people of good will around the world, about the genocidal activities and the war of attrition the authorities in Israel exert on its helpless citizens. The citizens of Israel can’t seek justice from the courts, cuz they are corrupt to the core and act as an active participant in this farcical PLAN-DEMIC.

I am blocked on Facebook, I created an alternate account which is blocked now as well. Posting films such as the one you are about to see, will definitely get you blocked from this Godless platform.
During the November 2020 elections in the USA, I was sabotaged by Google, couldn’t send emails to more than a handful of people. This sabotage ended one day after the elections. They may start the sanctions again, whenever it suits them. The social media giants are definitely an active participant in this GLOBAL coup d’etat against “we the people”. If they could ban the President of the USA, imagine what they could do to us, ordinary people. I am asking people of good will to join my Telegram channel “Uri’s gang”.

Today it’s common knowledge that the demented freak in the WH, stole the November 2020 elections with the help of close to 17 millions phantom votes. Notwithstanding the fact that hard evidence exist that tens of thousands of Trump votes were trashed and had not been counted. I still believe that with Trump in the WH, they couldn’t orchestrate this malfeasance, despite the fact that I am disappointed by Trump’s stance on those genocidal “vaccines”.

The ultimate purpose of the Civilian Committee is to join other movements around the world, to ensure ALL Corona criminals will eventually be brought to a Nuremberg 2.0 style trial for heinous CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. This will include corrupt doctors, nurses, police officers who followed unlawful orders, government officials, members of Parliament, judges, teachers, employers and corrupt members of the media. The claim they were following orders didn’t stand in the original Nuremberg trials and will not stand for them.

Be social and share this video with your family and friends. Additional versions with additional languages subtitles including Hungarian are available on the RUMBLE platform.


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