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The Next Item on the Climate Cult’s ‘Naughty List’ – A Common Staple Food – Gives Scam AwayBy Nick Arama

“The SINGLE existential threat to the world is climate change!” Biden claimed. Not just the “greatest” threat — the only existential threat, according to Joe Biden. “We don’t have a lot of time, and that’s a fact. And even recognizing — finally, everyone is recognizing it in America,” the president said.
But it’s ok for him to fly to Ireland, then jet on to Delaware.
The world’s been supposedly about to implode for the past forty years. Yet, somehow we’re still here. And no, Joe, “everyone” is not recognizing/accepting the mania.
We’ve seen them demonize fossil fuels. We’ve seen them go after meat — even cow farts with their methane emissions.
But an AFP News Agency tweet about what the climate cult might be targeting next had people sit up and take notice on Sunday. Because if anything underscored how anti-human the cult seems, this would be it. Guess what else is bad? Rice — that thing that most of the world survives on…

Talk about hating people and wanting to throw the world into chaos; eliminating rice might just do it. They don’t want us to use energy, they don’t want us to eat meat, and now they don’t want us to eat rice. Why don’t they just come out and say it — we are the carbon units that they have a problem with and seem to want to eliminate. Is the purpose to protect life on earth or to promote control of those lives? Because it sure looks like the latter.

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