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The Rise & Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies

In summary, the broad range of CBDC research and development projects across the globe is immense. Joint operations across borders are paving the way for international exchange of CBDCs, and ultimately a single global digital currency as promoted by the World Economic Forum.

The development and implementation of CBDCs in America and around the world is moving forward, with a multitude of projects underway and many of those projects coming to fruition within months. Central banks and global powers seem undeterred by objections from their citizens or the indecisiveness of Congress. Though there are numerous models for implementing CBDCs, they all share the same risks to our freedom. Lack of anonymity, programmability, tracking, and centralized control are the key features of CBDCs, which will enable subjugation of the masses in the most extreme ways imaginable.

The enormity of this all-encompassing initiative to implement CBDCs around the world is daunting. It seems inevitable that this end-game system of global totalitarianism will become a reality. However, we must be encouraged that the people are becoming aware of the true agenda behind this financial takeover. Their digital control system depends on our submission, and we each have the choice to not comply. By removing ourselves from the system and using cash instead of their digital wallets and debit cards, we can starve this rising beast of data and banking fees. Only together, in mass noncompliance, will their plans for digital enslavement become unrealized.

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