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War Is Hell

Looks like war.

The globalists have been waging a “cold war” for some time now. They conduct a “color revolution” to take over the government they target (ie the US, Israel, Ukraine, Brazil, etc.)

They infiltrate that country’s cultural and economic institutions – schools, media, etc. – with subversive activism (trans, CRT, DEI, etc.)
They infiltrate the political/economic institutions – government agencies, corporations etc. – with subversive ideology (i.e. Climate Change, ESG.)

Since the Covid scam they have “heated up” their aggression with physical attacks on our supply chains – food, energy, etc.

But now Russia is throwing a wrench in the works by invading Ukraine, the globalist center for money laundering, child trafficking, organ trafficking, and energy transportation.

So the globalists are making the war hotter by deploying armaments.
I see this as an act of desperation. They know Putin will persist until he wins. And they know many of the world’s political, religious and cultural leaders will resist their attempt at world tyranny for as long as it takes.

For sure, in the meantime we must protect ourselves and become as resilient as possible. We must band together and help each other avoid becoming collateral damage. Odds are it will become hellacious. But we have to remain determined to not just survive but eventuality thrive. That will come when we have achieved complete and total victory.

My God bless our efforts. 

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