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What goes around, comes around

There is a great Biblical lesson here: sow good, and you will reap good. And sow bad, and you will reap bad.

Good guys should remember that. So should bad guys.


“Now, 34 years later, a sudden thought crossed Judah’s mind. The woman who ran for Dr. Bess to save him was Miriam Bryk. The little girl’s last name is also Bryk. Is it possible that they are related?

The nest morning, Judah made some phone calls and discovered the extraordinary Divine orchestration of events. Sari, the girl he helped save, was the granddaughter of the woman who helped save his life more than three decades earlier.”‘

“The Hebrew word used in the Torah that instructs us to give or take care of others, is the word “Venatnu”. Venatnu is a palindrome. It can be read the same way forward and backward.

The Torah is teaching us that any time a person gives to another – whether it’s one’s time, attention, encouragement, financial assistance – it will return to him.”

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