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What I learned on my trip to the Ohio StatehouseQuite a lot it turns out. The most stunning thing I learned is that you might not find out for more than 10 years if you are seriously injured by a vaccine. Many of us could be ticking time-bombs.

How to identify a vaccine adverse event years later. Vaccine injuries can be identified even a decade after the shot because the symptoms are so unusual and consistent. What I mean by that is that for most vaccines, the side effect profile is fairly narrow and unusual. For the COVID vaccines, the symptom list is much more variable, but the onset of multiple unusual symptoms (all associated with the vaccine in VAERS) starting shortly after vaccination is a dead giveaway.

Hospitals get paid over $100K per dead COVID patient. It’s criminal that the US government is incentivizing hospitals to kill patients. Why isn’t there an incentive for every COVID patient that they save?? I bet the results would be a lot different if we did that!

Government incentivized fraud. Ernest Ramirez was offered $30K to say his son died from COVID instead of the vaccine. He refused.

The US government pays schools to push deadly drugs. Ohio State University is being paid almost $1 billion as long as they comply with the CDC vaccine guidance. This is in the public record. So if they are paying this to Ohio State, can you imagine what other schools are getting?

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