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Why we are fighting the Technocrats

Truth Over Tyranny: Biblical wisdom for defeating the Technocrats.

These are my insights for defeating the Transhumanist Technocracy movement, based on the teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, of blessed memory, on the weekly Bible portion.

The transhumanist technocrats are trying very hard to rob us of everything we hold dear.

They are coming after our minds, with lies and false narratives such as “the vaccine is safe and effective.”

They are coming after our bodies, with “vaccine” mandates and injections of mRNA gene therapy into our food supply.

They are coming after our children, with claims that the State owns our offspring.

They are coming after our families, with attacks on traditional gender identities, and medical procedures to prevent reproduction.

They are coming after our communities, with laws and policies that promote violence, anarchy, and economic decay.

And they are coming after our nation, with official orders that erase our borders, and which relinquish our sovereignty to globalist powers.

It’s really scary, how personal they are making these attacks on us. They actually believe that nothing is sacred, and that they are entitled to literally take anything they want that belongs to us. Simply because they can.

Or can they?

Here’s the rub: their entire invasion is based on the assumption that they can convince or coerce us to simply hand over what we have to their control. They have mega money and authority, but they don’t have the manpower to simply conquer us in battle, and take us away in chains as slaves. So they deploy a more insidious strategy: brainwash, bully, blackmail, and bribe as many people in legitimate power as they can — in government, in business, in science and medicine, in schools and media and religious institutions — and then try to “depopulate” the rest into a more manageable number.

This scheme is evil and diabolical — and it has a fatal flaw. The fact that they have made this attack so personal, has within it the seeds of its own destruction. Masses of people simply will not hand over their minds, their bodies, their children, their families, their communities, and their nation without a fight. Yes, some will; but the fight has become so outrageously personal, that even “everyday” people, who have never taken much of a stand on anything, will fight tooth and nail to keep what is theirs. To hold on to what is precious in spite of daily strife and suffering.

Why will we persevere? Because the technocrat invaders have inadvertently hand-delivered to us the “magic pill” we need to keep fighting for as long as it takes: our “‘Why.” By making their attack so personal – by targeting our very lives, our very being – they have made it clear to many, many people why they need to fight. People realize that they must fight to protect what is rightfully theirs — given to them by God Almighty – and this realization will give them strength eternal.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks discusses the power of this realization in his commentary on Parashat Bechukotai called, “In Search of the Why.”

He starts out by quoting philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to illustrate the power of knowing your Why:

“The most often quoted of all Nietzsche’s remarks – indeed one of the most quoted sentences of all in recent times – is his statement that ‘One who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.'[1] If life has a meaning, if our own life has a purpose, if there is a task we have yet to fulfil, then something within us gives us the strength to survive suffering and sorrow. The call of the future helps us get through the pain of the present and the trauma of the past.”

The Jewish people were the first to understand that the Why is found in becoming part of history with God:

“The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the God who speaks, who calls, who listens. The infinite spaces are not silent. Beneath and beyond them is the still, small voice of God, and it is this that gives meaning to history and to our individual lives.  As the historian J.H. Plumb wrote: ‘The concept that within the history of mankind itself a process was at work which would mould his future… seems to have found its first expression amongst the Jews.’ For the Jews, said Plumb, ‘the past became more than a collection of tales.’ It became ‘an intimate part of destiny, and an interpretation of the future, more certain, more absolute, more comprehensive, than any divination, either by the stars or oracles could ever be.'[3] Jews were the first to find meaning in history. They discovered the why. That is why they were able to bear almost any how. Judaism is the oldest, deepest expression of humanity as the meaning-seeking and -finding animal.”

The parsha reminds the Jewish people that bad things happen to us if we forget this partnership with God, and simply “let things happen:”

“These are, relatively speaking, modern thoughts. Yet they lie at the heart of parshat Bechukotai – if we follow the interpretation of Maimonides. Bechukotai begins with the blessings that will ensue if the Israelites are faithful to their mission and covenant with God. Then come the curses that will follow disobedience. They are long, terrifying and relentless – even if they end, as they do, with a note of consolation; ‘Yet, despite all this, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not spurn them, or abhor them so as to destroy them utterly and break My covenant with them; for I am the Lord their God’ (Lev. 26:44). How, though, are we to interpret the blessing and the curse?

“The keyword of the curses is keri. The word appears here seven times – and nowhere else in the entire Tanach. The basic principle is clear. ‘If you act towards Me with keri, – says God – I will act towards you with keri.’ But what the word means is not clear. The various translations include rebelliousness, obstinacy, indifference, hard-heartedness and reluctance.

“Maimonides, however, relates it to the word mikreh, meaning ‘by chance.’ He interprets the overall message as: if you behave as if history were mere chance, and not Divine Providence, then, says God, I will leave you to chance. The result will be that Israel – a small nation set in a highly hostile neighbourhood, then and now – will eventually be defeated, devastated, and come close to destruction.”

All people – not just the Jews – will suffer if they “turn their back” on God:

“This is a remarkable reading and points toward a distinction that we sometimes forget: between Divine punishment on the one hand, and the withdrawal of Divine Providence on the other – what the Torah calls ‘the hiding of the face’ of God.[4] When God punishes, He punishes the guilty. But when God ‘hides His face,’ even the innocent may suffer.

“God hides His face from man when man hides his face from God. That is how Maimonides understands the parsha, and it is strikingly similar to Nietzsche’s claim that ‘God is dead.’ When God is eclipsed, all that remains is ‘infinite nothing’ and ’empty space.’ What dies is not God but man, the meaning-seeking animal. In his place, as Nietzsche knew, comes man the power-seeking animal. From there it is a short step to nihilism and barbarism.”

We can definitely say that the technocrats have turned their back on God. They completely ignore His Providence in history. They have become “power-seeking animals” promoting nihilism and barbarism.

But those of us who are fighting to protect what God has given us, are bringing Him into our lives. He has created our very personhood that the technocrats are attempting to co-opt. He has given us the rights they are choosing to violate. By standing up for them, we are standing with Him. There is no better source of strength for the Jews, and for every people:

“To be a Jew is to have faith that our individual lives and our collective history have meaning. God is there even if we cannot feel Him. He hears us even when we do not hear Him. That is the blessing. It gave our people the courage to survive some of the worst blows ever to befall a people. It is what gives us, as individuals, the strength to come through ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.’ Lose that faith and we lose that strength. We are ‘left to chance.’ That is the curse. Chance is not kind but blind. The curse is not a punishment, but a consequence.

“Hence the life-changing idea: search for meaning and you will discover strength. Life is not mikreh, mere chance. It is a story of which you are a part, a question to which you are the answer, a call directed to the smartphone of your soul. That is our people’s collective destiny, within which each of us has a specific and individual purpose. Find it and your why will carry you through almost any how. Or as Jordan Peterson puts it: ‘Meaning is the Way, the path of life more abundant, the place you live when you are guided by Love and speaking Truth and when nothing you want or could possibly want takes any precedence over precisely that.'[5] Hence his Rule 7: Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient.

“For everything there is a meaning. It does not always say: this is why such-and-such happened. Sometimes it says: given that such-and-such happened, this is what you must do. Once we find the why, even a curse can be turned into a blessing. Without the why, even a blessing can become a curse. So search for the why and the rest will follow: strength, fulfilment, peace.”

The Technocrats have handed us our Why. We will use it to defeat them.

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