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11 Times The World Economic Forum Proved It Was Sketchy AF

While there are a lot of shocking headlines that may misconstrue whether or not the WEF is taking direct action on certain agendas, it’s worth understanding what’s being discussed when the world’s wealthiest individuals and multinational corporations come together to plan out their vision for our futures. Oftentimes, it feels like the WEF is less concerned with the human rights they claim to fight for and instead care more about global control.

Hurt feelings are justifiable when younger generations face difficulty owning land after it has been snatched up by rich firms just to be rented back to us common folk. People don’t want to be kept poor, kept in their place, or spoon-fed a fantasy which doesn’t even end in happily ever after. Instead of dismissing people’s concerns as “conspiracy theories,” maybe it’s time we examine just how much of a nightmare their vision for globalization would be for us all.

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