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Government is not God

Free people have been fighting totalitarian rulers since Biblical times. Tyrants assume they are gods, and oppress the masses for their own selfish gain. The good people endure as much pain and suffering as they can take, and eventually strike back. Both great warriors and everyday heroes lead the way.
Enter the Jewish people into the fight.

Over 3000 years ago, God redeemed us from slavery in Egypt. The Pharaoh at that time thought he was the ruler of the world, but God basically told him, “You are not the boss of the Hebrews – I am. Furthermore, I am the Boss of you.”

God then gave us the Torah, and led us to the Promised Land. Since that time, the Jewish people have been a thorn in the side of the tyrants, despots, and dictators who have sought to rule over us.

Why? Because we know that government is not God.

In America today, Big Government zealots are waging war on individual rights and freedoms. They are trying to make each person a cog in their wheel. The Jewish people know how wrong this is, and the damage it can cause. We have millennia of experience fending off such crusades. We have not only survived but thrived because we know right makes might – not the other way around.