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EVIDENCE that the “Covid vaccine” is ineffective and unsafe

All the EVIDENCE is complied on my website, https://www.freedomdefenseresourcecenter.com

EVIDENCE about the “Covid vaccine”:

Evidence that the “Covid vaccine” DOES NOT:

Does not prevent infection.

Does not prevent contagion.

Does not prevent serious illness.

Does not prevent getting Covid again.

Does not prevent hospitalization.

Does not prevent death. 

Evidence that the “Covid vaccine” DOES:

Does cause numerous health conditions.

Does cause recurrence of Covid.

Does cause death. 


Data released by government agencies worldwide.

Statements by regulatory officials.

Disclosures by Pharma executives.

Reports released by manufacturers.

Studies by independent scientists.

Assessments by medical professionals of world renown.

Testimonials from victims and their families. 

EVIDENCE of the dangers of the “Covid vaccine:”

EVIDENCE that the “Covid vaccine” causes many serious adverse affects:


EVIDENCE that the “Covid vaccine” harms women:


EVIDENCE that the “Covid vaccine” harms children:


EVIDENCE that the “Covid vaccine” harms athletes:


May God grant us the strength to fight this maniacal effort to depopulate the planet.

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