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33 Years of History That Led Up to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine that You Won’t See Taught in U.S. Schools

Here are the facts: Mikhail Gorbachev unilaterally disbanded the Warsaw Pact military alliance in 1990. When he did that, Gorbachev was given repeated assurances by the U.S. and Germany that NATO would not fill the geo-political power vacuum with U.S. bases and military alliances in the former Soviet republics. Jeffrey Sachs, an economist who served as an advisor to Gorbachev during that time, has recently issued a statement saying the U.S. lied to Gorbachev’s face. The military-industrial complex and its neoconservative backers in Washington immediately began plotting the eastward advancement of NATO, Sachs says in a new video commentary that explains a fascinating and little-understood period in history. And in each of these new NATO member states, eventually came the deployment of American military personnel and/or advanced missile systems…

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