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A closer look at Bill Gates: promoting eugenics, friendship with Jeffrey Epstein

Gates working from eugenicist policies
As Gates’s control over the global population expands almost exponentially, thanks especially due to COVID-related measures, the Corbett Report pointed to a possible explanation for the desire for such control.

The Gates family long had an interest in the subject of population control and reproductive health. In 1998, a Salon report noted that Gates Sr. was on the board of Planned Parenthood, and Gates himself stated that his father was “head of Planned Parenthood,” a role which he described a controversial at the time, but “fascinating.”

Population control and reproductive health were both terms born out of the terminology of eugenics, the pseudoscience which holds that certain people deserve to lead while others deserve to serve, based on genetics. Eugenicists even wished to kill people they deemed to be of no use to society, and to spend world resources on the preservation of the upper classes, the rich, intelligent, useful members of society, instead of the poorer sectors.

The famous Rockefeller family was heavily committed to the eugenic movement. Rockefellers helped fund the Eugenics Record Office (ERO), and the founding director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research sat on ERO’s board. The Rockefeller family heavily funded — and was personal friends with — the eugenicist pioneer and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. It was with substantial Rockefeller support that Sanger’s “Negro Project” was rolled out, with her professed aim being “to exterminate the Negro population.”
Rockefellers also sponsored eugenics studies at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany, including the man who later drafted the Nazi forced sterilization law: Hence, the family commitment to the eugenic cause was no mere passing incident.

Corbett noted that “when the American Eugenics Society became embarrassed of its own name, its long-time director, Frederick Osborne, merely took over as president of the Rockefeller-founded Population Council.”

What does the Rockefeller family have to do with Bill Gates? In 2009, Gates’s father, William Gates Sr., penned a book in which he expressed his deep admiration and collaboration with the Rockefeller dynasty.

He wrote that “every corner we’ve turned in the field of global health, we’ve found that the Rockefellers were already there, and had been for years … A lesson that we learned from studying and working with the Rockefellers, is that to succeed in pursuing audacious goals, you need like-minded partners with whom to collaborate.”

The Gates family held true to these words of working with “like-minded partners,” collaboratingwith the Rockefeller family in a number of high-level enterprises, such as the global vaccine alliance, GAVI. Their close ties were noted by Andreas Moritz in his book Vaccine-Nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time, calling the two foundations “old friends and partners.”

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