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A fight never comes at the right time

Remember when you were walking home from school, and the local bully stepped out from around a corner, ugly sneer on his face, looking for trouble?

You would think to yourself, “Ah, not now. I got things to do, places to be. Who wants to fight, anyway? Why doesn’t this guy just mind his own business?!”

Alas, but you had no choice. This jerk wanted a piece of you, and you had to put him in his place. Running away would just postpone the inevitable. Giving in would give him a thirst for your blood.

You simply had to beat him, to stop the fighting.

Sometimes fights are thrust upon us. We don’t want them. We should not have to fight. We just want to live normal lives. I won’t bother you, and you don’t bother me.

But bullies don’t follow the normal rules of society. They want to be king of the jungle. And they want to claim that kingship with their fists – or any act of force that will work.

Today, we are surrounded by bullies. They are doing one heckuva job disrupting our normal, peaceful lives.

Want to have a nice family dinner? Can’t. Have to a go to a school board meeting, and reject their CRT propaganda.

Want to have a fun weekend off? Can’t. Have to go to a protest against ludicrous mask mandates.

Want to get a job with the biggest employer in town? Can’t. They discriminate against “unvaccinated” people.

The list goes on.

Every American – yes, just about every one us (except for the ruling elite, which is the core of the problem) – is being picked on by some bully bureaucrat. Or some person of authority that simply does what the bureaucrat tells him, without question.

And like the childhood bullies, they will keep picking on us until we push back – hard. Until we put them in their place.

For some of us, that means joining forces with our neighbors, to change school policies. Or volunteer to serve.

For others, it means uniting with fellow state residents to overturn oppressive mandates. Or initiate lawsuits.

For still others, it means networking with like-minded freedom-lovers, to find jobs, invest in patriotic ventures – even start new businesses.

Do any of us really have the time for this? No.

Are we resentful that we have to fight to regain some sense of normalcy in our lives? You bet.

Do we feel feel afraid, and woefully unprepared to win this fight? Absolutely.

But you know what? All across our country, people are learning how to fight for their freedom, while still trying to conduct business, and live normal lives. It’s hard; it’s stressful; and it’s very unnerving.

But we are getting it done.

There really is no choice. We are realizing that even though today’s bullies have official titles, they are no different than the thugs of our childhood. If we run, they chase after us. If we submit, they rule over us.

It’s never a “good” time to fight. But once you decide it must be done, you find a way to do it.

It does not matter that this is a “bad” time. The fight has been brought to us.

Every day is a good day to defend yourself, and your children, and your business, and your property. And your country.

And your God-given right to freedom and liberty.

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