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A law firm documented a nationwide racketeering scheme by the cartels to bribe our judges & rig our elections – after a 4 year investigation

Tierney’s Real News

EVEN BETTER – there was a hearing in Arizona on election fraud. I know – you’re tired of hearings that present tons of evidence that nobody is allowed to hear or litigate. So am I.

This hearing, however, ended with testimony from a forensic investigator who works for a law firm who said that the election was rigged by the cartels through a money laundering and RICO operation and they can prove it. Kari Lake has said that the cartels control Arizona. The question was HOW?

Her law firm has been investigating cartel racketeering for four years and was able to tie ELECTION FRAUD to their bribery & blackmail schemes. Not only in Arizona but all around the country!

The cartels launder money through property deeds using fake mortgage companies, fake insurance companies, fake title companies and fake recipients. Our databases are created with a back door so they can be changed online – where they create fake property owners to launder money and fake votes to rig elections.

The cartels have bribed or blackmailed HUNDREDS of judges, politicians, city clerks & election officials to facilitate the fraud, rubber stamp the fraud or look the other way and keep the scam going. They have names. They also have evidence that Hobbs and Fontes and Runbeck were bribed as well to rig Arizona’s elections in 2018, 2020 and 2022. They have the receipts.

I said a few years ago that I hope there is a racketeering and RICO investigation going on to uncover money laundering for election fraud. Well, it looks like there is. It didn’t start out that way but it ended up that way.

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