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A Timeline of Major Battles In the Global War on Ivermectin – Part 1. My chronology of the Disinformation tactics deployed to paint ivermectin as an ineffective horse dewormer against Covid. Largely taken from the ever-evolving keynote lecture I give at conferencesPierre Kory, MD, MPA

In this three-parter, I am going to present, in approximate chronological order, the most important events regarding both the emergence of evidence of the massive efficacy of ivermectin and the countering, neutering, and destroying tactics deployed by the Disinformationists paid for by Big Pharma and/or The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). Although many of these events will not be news to my long-time subscribers, there is some new stuff, and it reads (hits) different when presented chronologically and in somewhat rapid-fire format. Let’s go.

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