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Annette Parchert

Shut Up About Politics Will Ya?

It is a big pile of dirty tricks. But can we just shut up about Politics when politicians are
responsible for the open violations of our rights under the United States Constitution?

I spent 25 years working for the Government researching policies and procedures, conducting
leadership training, implementing new policies in Government. When I retired, I continued to
research a wide variety of topics. However, I couldn’t talk about what I was learning because
everything I was learning was contrary to MSM and my own friends and family stifled, ridiculed,
and shunned me and suddenly everything I needed to talk about fell under the category of
‘Politics”. Facts didn’t matter. I was shouted at “Hey, No Politics Here”. It’s not even about
politics, it’s about Saving America, it’s about Taking Back America, but most of all it’s Loving this
Country so much that We The People are ready to do everything we can to not lose our

So, I would be shut down, I’d be red in the face, stunned that I had no credibility with the very
people surrounding me. My heart was breaking over medical mandates that made no sense.
Regular citizens were forced to wear masks while the elite were constantly ignoring their own
mandates. Now they mandate vaccines. What is next? I needed my friends to hear what I had
learned but no one wanted to talk ‘Politics’. So, I stopped seeing my old friends.
Then suddenly, as God must have intended, new people came into my life to fill this void. We
started getting together on a regular basis. We held regular meetings that were well attended,
sometimes 6 people, sometimes 20. Every meeting was full of new information to discuss and,
more importantly, what ACTION can we take?

This new group of friends have become the leaders of the Illinois Freedom Alliance, first as
Political Action Committee, now as a 501c4, and I am the Chairman. We decided to form the
Illinois Freedom Alliance with the specific intent to make the connections between politics and
current events. We offer Freedom Groups a platform by planning Townhall, providing fliers and
mailings to PCs and we strive to identify politicians who are intent on working for US. We believe that by finding candidates for office that stand up proudly for our core principals, we
can make a difference. We connect with all the Freedom Groups in our State to share
resources, gather together in prayer, share a meal, and take action in a coordinated and
smooth march.

We simply cannot SHUT UP ABOUT POLITICS. Our basic liberties are being ripped away from us
BY POLITICIANS as we kick back in our recliners shouting “Someone! Do something!”

We are ADAMENT that we CANNOT give our power to a Government that is not OF
WE THE PEOPLE. PCs decide who is on the ballot. PCs comb their communities
making sure everyone is well informed of candidate positions. PCs register people to
vote and hold event’s like this in their precincts. PCs determine who sits on the board of
the your County GOP Central Committee. Our vacant PC positions must be filled with
true Patriots that love our country and who are committed to leading citizens in their
precincts to become action orientated, active citizens fighting against communism.

The Illinois Freedom Alliance was originally structured with the exact Organization
structure and committee structure as our County GOP Central Committee. Our bi-laws
were the same. However, we worked harder. We welcome citizens to our organization
and we have no other goal than to be an example of what a well run Central Committee
can do.

So I ask you, Are you OK with medical mandates, election fraud and government
overreach? Or, do you want to do something to stop all? What are your talents? How
can your talents help your community reach goals? Please follow the Illinois Freedom
Alliance on Fakebook and Telegram. Our website, by the same name, is up and
running. What do you need? How can we help? If you have a problem in your
community, I can guarantee that others have the same issues in their community. We
are now a united front. We will no longer tell someone to SHUT UP ABOUT POLITICS
when POLITICs are being weaponized against us.

I hope that you hear my story and are inspired to tackle problems head on. I hope you
know that you are not alone. I hope that you make new friends along the way. And I hope that you know that this is a battle between good and evil. And most importantly, I hope you know that God wins.

Illinois Freedom Alliance

We are an “alliance” of concerned citizens from all walks of life and backgrounds. And our goal is to steer this country in the right direction. This country was founded by our forefathers, and we will never forget the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

Office: 309-377-1776
1529 – 46th Ave, Suite 6, Moline, IL

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