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Attorney Discusses Latest Updates on Lawsuits Brought By More Than 1,100 Active Duty Military Officers Against Unlawful Vaccine Mandate

“It’s important to understand really that’s at the heart of most of the legal claims we have advanced, and that I have advanced on behalf of these military members… there is no licensed vaccine. And I know it’s convenient, and I don’t blame anybody in the media, because they have fallen for the FDA’s propaganda campaign, but the day that the day that the FDA licensed Comirnaty, August 23rd of 2021, the same day, it removed it from the market. So if you look at the marketing beginning and end date of commodity you will find it can not be sold in the United States because it was removed from the US market the same day it was licensed.”

“And it would be good if maybe we started asking some hard questions about people at the FDA and the DOD who knew this because it was, not withstanding, it was removed from the market on August 23rd, the next day August 24th, the Secretary of Defense announced that they were going to go forward with this vaccine program, only for licensed products…of course that they didn’t have. And yet the program rolled forward and what the DOD did was, as many of the folks here know, the Under Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Terry Adirim, published a memo claiming that the unlicensed product, BNT162b2, Pfizer’s unlicensed EUA product, could be substituted in, that it was interchangeable with the licensed product. And that’s the fraud that’s at the heart of our case, and that’s the fraud that heart of why these products have been forced on an unwilling and unsuspecting public.”

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