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Bad Shot? ASAP: Detox! How My Own Poisoning Revealed the Truth about the Covid Shots

Paperback link: https://amzn.to/3er3XOw
Digital link: https://amzn.to/3CRVjBZ

An updated edition with a toxicologist approved supplement listing, and answered public questions on mRNA technology, DNA restoration and if certain advertised detoxification methods are safe.

Back in 2013, Christine Padovan met a young woman who became the key to her understanding years later that the Covid-19 vaccine shots had a similar problem. Christine and other family and friends were slow poisoned by this disturbed woman with heavy metals hidden from view of regular doctor and hospital tests by nano technology. This woman came from a family of current and former medical and pharmaceutical people.

Fast forward to today, and the same symptoms people have experienced when they have received one or more Covid-19 shots (food allergies, blood clots, thrombosis, myocarditis, severe kidney impairment, bloody and/or uncontrolled diarrhea, etc.) were the same symptoms and illnesses Christine and her family and friends went through.

Finally getting out of her own nightmare situation, Christine was able to start publishing Rumble videos in February 2022 with her theories based on experience, forensic testing and that of her toxicologist, and encourage people to please detoxify to restore their health, use forensic tests to prove toxicity and for viral protection, a proven scientific solution
to preventing Covid-19 that is completely natural and safe, but not promoted at all by mainstream media.

Now building on these informative Rumble videos, a brief podcast series and soon a national weekly radio show, Christine felt the need to get this information in print now that new forensic tests have proved that there is indeed heavy metals and other toxins in Covid shot formulas.

An informative, insightful and lifesaving book! A must read for those suffering from any vaccine injury or any type of toxicity.

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