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In a prior post, we discussed a timeless lesson: to get through a hard time, you have to go through it. You have to fully experience it. Only then will it be “over,” so you can move on to the next moment in your life. 

This lesson applies very well to today’s encounter with the pandemic.

So many people have been worn down by the response to the virus. Lockdowns… masks… social distancing… delays in business openings, school openings. Financial problems. 

Then we have violent anarchists exploiting the crisis and destroying entire neighborhoods. They are taking advantage of the “COVID Chaos” to launch attacks on our culture and institutions. Tragically, there are some politicians and bureaucrats at every level of government supporting them, to promote anti-American ideals.

Talk about piling on. It’s no wonder we feel we are under siege.

But for me, there is a glimmer of hope. It lies in the bravery in the heart of every man, woman, and child in our country.

That bravery shows itself in a myriad of ways, every day. We see it when people reopen their business after taking a big hit in sales. We see it when people pull their kids our of public school for home-schooling and communal “pods.” 

We see it when people push back against unconstitutional government overreach, and politicized enforcement of policy. We see it when people defy mandates that are purely for control and not for the public health.

And we see it when people stand up to thugs and punks who attack their homes and businesses.

Going through a crisis can be wrought with fear, anguish, and outright danger.  Nobody wants to face that for even one day, let alone day after day. But this pandemic and subsequent chaos is teaching us that “just waiting for it to end” would be useless, because it never will. Not only that – it will get worse, because there are too many aggressors seeking to take advantage of our weakness.

To go through a siege like this, you have to believe that no person was meant to be cast down, put down, or treated as a second-class citizen. Especially by their own government.

To defeat tyranny, we need a weapon that is super-powerful, long-lasting, and which never runs out of ammunition. Something which is available to every person regardless of age, sex, or state of residence.

Something that will help us go through the fire and not only survive, but thrive and make an even better country.

That weapon is bravery. And we each have it, in abundance.

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