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Biden’s White House of Horrors: Pedophilia, Trafficking & Incest. The Biden family’s dark history & how it relates to the administration’s abhorrent policy.

Now that you know the sordid history of Hunter and Joe’s perverse behavior, it’s easier to understand why some of the president’s administration policy decisions were made. For instance, Biden’s new Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, has an 8-year record of granting excessively lenient sentences in at least 8 of 8 child porn cases, according to Article 3 Project President and Founder Mike Davis. Jackson was lenient toward pedophiles in 100% of her child porn cases. Davis also reported she ruled against the sentencing guidelines in these cases, and some of those predators went on to reoffend after they were released. One has to wonder if Hunter’s proclivity for child porn influenced his father’s decision to nominate a judge who has been soft on child predators.

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