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Chris Rufo’s new exposé links “transgender empire” back to large-scale medical experiments in a Detroit ghetto…

The always amazing and insightful investigative journalist Christopher Rufo is back at it. This time he’s made a mini-film exposé on the origins of the transgender empire. It’s a fascinating and chilling walk through a short history that has led us to where we are today: fending off one of the greatest assaults on the U.S. (and world) population we’ve seen in a long time.
Chris starts the journey by explaining how the entire “transgender movement” came about in the 80s when some intellectuals got together and wrote a book that claimed gender was a social construct designed to keep minorities down and empower white males. They believed that if a man could become a woman, and a woman could become a man, then the entire construction of “creation” could be toppled. These intellectuals also see the new “trans movement” as the foundation of their progressive Marxist movement.
In addition, Chris explains how over the years, some of the wealthiest people in America have heavily funded the trans movement. But one of the most disturbing elements in Chris’s mini-film involves the medical experiments conducted in a Detroit ghetto, specifically at a place called “The Ruth Ellis Center.” This center is considered the epicenter for transgender “science,” and the activities taking place there are more ghastly than you could ever imagine.

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